Why Sewer And Drain Cleaning Is Important

Monday, April 4th, 2016

How long has it been since your plumbing has had a sewer or drain cleaning? If you are like most property owners, it has probably been quite some time since you have had this service done. When your plumbing is working well, there seems to be no reason to think about getting a sewer and drain cleaning. However, failing to get regular drain cleaning can lead to some major plumbing problems. These issues include odors, clogs, overflowing water, expensive home repairs, and even health problems.

Sewer and drain cleaning can stop odors

When a drain or sewer line gets a partial clog, it can cause water to sit and stagnate in the traps and along runs. Over time, the water can start to smell like rotten eggs. The odor can wander back up through the plumbing.

If you have a major clog somewhere in your home’s drain system, it can cause water and waste to back up into the tubs and sinks. You may flush the toilet and all the waste runs down the drain, until it hits the clog. The waste then backs up to all the drain lines it has already passed. It is possible to have human waste overflowing into your tubs and sinks because of a clog. If this issue happens, you will need to scrub and sterilize the plumbing fixtures before they can be used.

Help prevent overflowing water with sewer and drain cleaning

If a drain is completely clogged, and too much water rushes into the sewage lines, the water will start backing up and will not stop. The water rushes over the top of the toilet or sink and starts flowing all over the floor once this issue happens. At best, you will need to clean up the water and sterilize the floor once an overflow occurs. At worst, you may have extensive damage to your floors.

Sewer and drain cleaning can prevent expensive home repairs

Overflowing drains can flood water onto everything before you can stop the flow. You may find that your flooring is beyond cleaning and repair. If the water is deep enough, your baseboards and drywall could sustain damage. If the overflow happens upstairs, the water may cause damage to the ceiling, walls, and floors below. A simple overflow can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Preventative sewer and drain cleaning can save you the costs of these expensive repairs.

Sewer and drain cleaning can help prevent health problems

When wastewater flows into the cracks and crevices of your home, you may end up with a mold, bacteria, or mildew problem. All of these microorganisms thrive in moist conditions. Give them nutrition in the form of grease or human waste, and they spread quickly. Some microorganisms are harmful to humans and pets alike. Respiratory problems, intestinal issues, and infections are just a few problems your family may face. A proper sewer and drain cleaning can prevent these health problems from happening.

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