Why Regular Plumbing Inspections Are Important

Monday, April 10th, 2017
Construction plumbing and HVAC in Amarillo, Texas.

You probably do not think about your plumbing system unless there is a major disaster. Just like your other household systems, your plumbing should be inspected regularly. Without annual plumbing inspections, you may run into expensive repairs or breakdowns. A licensed plumber will complete an evaluation of your entire system during a routine plumbing inspection.

Your sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, water heater, and main sewer line should be inspected annually. Regular plumbing inspections can help you catch any issues before they become disastrous and expensive. The following will help you better understand just why regular plumbing inspections are so important.

Sinks, tubs, and showers

Regular inspections will identify any hidden drainage problems or leaks in these types of fixtures. Inspections will also reveal any corrosive deposits that can cause a restriction in water flow. Without detecting these problems ahead of time, you will face necessary and expensive repairs.


Loose fittings and cracks in your toilet may occur over time, which means repairs or replacement are inevitable. Identifying these issues early can alleviate the need for drastic repairs as long as possible. The flappers on your toilet should be routinely inspected and replaced. If flappers are working improperly, you can lose over 200 gallons of water a day.

Water heaters

A large amount of energy consumption in your home likely comes from your traditional tank water heater. It is essential you make sure your water heater is functioning effectively for comfort and to keep your bills low. Your tank should be inspected yearly for leaks and sediment buildup. The temperature and pressure valve should also be inspected each year for safety purposes.

Main line blockages

Your main sewer line should be inspected during every annual plumbing inspection. If a problem arises and goes unnoticed, you could face expensive repair bills. Sludge buildup, tree roots, cracks, and foreign objects are some of the common reason your main line could be blocked. The cost of an annual plumbing inspection will save you in the long run by helping you avoid expensive repairs and damage to your home.

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