Why Is My Commercial Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

Friday, July 12th, 2019
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Having a functioning air conditioner is important for every business, but if your system is running constantly, that can mean there is a problem. If this issue is happening to you, it can be annoying and costly, especially when the air isn’t cooling. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner could be the wrong size

In order for an AC unit to run properly, it must be the right size for your building. If it isn’t, it can cause a number of issues. If the system is too small, it will have to work harder and longer to cool down your staff and customers. This can result in expensive bills and breakdowns. If the system is too big, it will not be able to remove humidity from your property. This results in the air conditioner not running long enough, as well as high energy bills.

If your ductwork is not the right size, this can also cause problems. Although you can’t troubleshoot this issue like a professional, you can make sure to ask the installation technicians about the size of the ductwork. Many air conditioning problems are caused by incorrect sizing during installation.

Note: If your commercial air conditioner and ductwork system are the right sizes, they can run for longer to keep temperatures cool. Most systems are designed to work this way for efficiency and comfort.

Checking the filters should be one of your first troubleshooting steps

Think about the last time you changed the HVAC filters in your building. Depending upon the size of your commercial property, this could be a big job. But, it should be done regularly to prevent issues. If your filters are dirty, they will cause your air conditioner to run longer to produce cool air. This will result in components breaking down, which means not changing the filters will cost your business more than high energy bills.

Check the coils to make sure they are clean too

Like the filters, the coils on your air conditioner should be clean in order to function. If the coils are dirty, your unit will have reduced efficiency and cooling power.

The condenser coils are located outside, so they will accumulate dirt, plant matter, and even animal fur. If your AC is running constantly, check the coils outdoors to see if they are dirty.

If these aren’t causing the issue, troubleshooting the evaporator coils will be more difficult. Air moves across these coils, which means that they will accumulate hair and dust. They can also freeze up, which will cause your unit to run but not produce cool air. A professional can take a look at these coils and make sure they aren’t damaging your air conditioner.

Verify that the thermostat is working

The thermostat is a surprising culprit of air conditioners running constantly. You should troubleshoot this small piece of equipment before calling a commercial service company.

Start by placing a thermometer near it and seeing if the room has reached your desired temperature. Check the reading again a couple of hours later. If it is at or near the set temperature, your thermostat may not be reading correctly.

You can attempt to fix the issue by setting the thermostat to five degrees cooler than you normally do. If it turns on, that is a good sign. You can also make sure that it is set to cool and that it is actually turned on. If these steps do not fix the problem, call a commercial HVAC company.

Look for air leaks or bad insulation on your property

Your air conditioner will run constantly if cool air is leaking out of your building. This is because the thermostat will not read your desired temperature. If your windows and doors are not sealed well, or if there are holes in your insulation, you will lose cool air. Looking for leaks or poor insulation is not an easy form of troubleshooting, so calling a professional will be vital. They can pinpoint where any leaks are and help you decide on how to best fix the issue.

Find out how old your air conditioner is

One of the easiest ways to troubleshoot your commercial air conditioner is to find out how old it is. The older the unit, the more work it could need, especially if it has not been well-maintained. Most commercial HVAC units will reach the end of their lifespan around ten to twenty years. By replacing your commercial unit(s), you will see increased efficiency and cost savings.

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