Why An Expert Should Install Your Residential HVAC System

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019
residential HVAC services

New HVAC systems are better choices than their older counterparts for efficiency, improved air quality, cost, ease-of-repair, and operation. In short, getting a new HVAC is a great way to improve the value and livability of your home. But, installing an HVAC system is a big job. It could be (relatively) simple and need just installing a new unit, or it could be more involved. You should hire an expert to install your HVAC in either scenario. The last thing you or your family needs is a malfunctioning heater or air conditioner because it wasn’t installed by a professional.

The benefits of professional HVAC installation

You won’t see any improvements in efficiency or operation if your HVAC system is installed incorrectly, even if it has EER, SEER, HSPF, or AFUE ratings. For example, if the unit isn’t installed according to manufacturer specifications, you will experience serious drops in efficiency. This results in cascading effects that increase the cost of operation and repairs. Your inefficient HVAC will take more energy to run, consume more electricity, and cost you more money in the long-term.

Your residential HVAC system isn’t only a heating and cooling system. It also cleans the air inside your home by filtering out particulates. But, if it isn’t installed correctly, poor performance will decrease its ability to clean the air. You may experience cold and hot spots in your home and other inefficiencies as well.

Finally, an inefficient system runs harder and longer which degrades components and reduces service life. You can expect your HVAC unit to last 10 to 15 years or perhaps even longer if you take good care of it. But, if it is installed incorrectly, you can expect that service life to be reduced by at least a few years.

What you can do to help with installation

While you should rely on an expert to handle the actual installation, there are things you can do to get your home ready for them.

First, contact your installer to see if they will get the necessary permits. Make sure you confirm this ahead of the installation day. You don’t want the technician to drive out to your place only to find out that he isn’t allowed to install the HVAC.

You should also clear the area around the HVAC unit. For example, remove any equipment, toys, or other items. You should also clean it of leaves and other debris. The cleaner the area, the more efficiently the HVAC will run. Ensure the installer can access the area, so lock up your animals and open the gates if needed. Also, don’t forget to remove items that are around your furnace and air handlers and accesses to other areas where the HVAC equipment may be stored.

Tips to avoid getting scammed

While no one ever thinks it will happen to them, scams exist because someone at some point fell for them. There are unscrupulous individuals who will take advantage of anyone they can. Most states require HVAC technicians to have between 2-5 years of experience before they can install systems. Also, many states require that installers and technicians have a license. You might be able to look up your technician’s license on a state or local website. You should also check a company’s reviews on websites and social media.

Always ask your technician the following questions to ensure they are the best fit for installing your system.

  • Ask them if they have insurance and the extent of the coverage.
  • See if you can get references, specifically from other clients.
  • Ask them about the brands they carry to see if you recognize them.
  • You should also find out if they are familiar with your system and how many times they have worked on homes like yours.
  • Finally, ask for an estimate if they can provide one. Remember, this may mean that you will pay for a technician to come and inspect your current system, but this will be worth it.

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