When to Upgrade Your Commercial HVAC System

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Commercial HVAC systems control building climates for employees, volunteers, attendees, students, and the equipment they use to complete their work. When you face temperature problems in your commercial building, you should consider not only repairing your system, but upgrading it. Check out these tips to learn how to know that it’s time to upgrade your commercial system.

Your System Is At Least 10 Years Old

The typical commercial HVAC system life expectancy falls between 10 and 15 years. If your system has reached double digits in age, you may begin having trouble with it. An HVAC professional can help you inspect your system and guide you in choosing a new HVAC for your retail, warehouse, or office building.

Your Utility Bill Significantly Increases

A constant rise in energy costs points to an issue with your HVAC system. Whether you use gas or electricity, a failing system drains your energy by constantly turning on and off and struggling to keep up with temperature settings. If you see a higher energy bill each month with no other explanations, the problem may lie in your unit.

Your Equipment Constantly Malfunctions

The more complicated your HVAC system, the more likely it will develop consistent malfunctions as it reaches the end of its life. Most office buildings use multi-split systems to allow individual offices their own temperature control, making a common first sign of HVAC failure an inability to control climates in each room. An HVAC technician can troubleshoot the issue and identify whether outdoor or indoor units need an upgrade.

You Experience Weird Smells or Noises

When your commercial HVAC system starts to fail, it may emit strange sounds or odors. Clanging, buzzing, grinding, or gurgling sounds may point to a dying heat pump, while a burning smell may indicate faulty electrical components. Keep in mind that electrical problems can quickly escalate into a fire, so if you ever smell a fish-like odor when your HVAC turns on, you need to call for an electrical inspection immediately.

You Can See Problems With Your HVAC System

Have you noticed problems like water leakage, mold or mildew spots, or rust on your indoor or outdoor unit? These issues appear when your system no longer functions properly. If you have repairs performed, but the problems keep recurring, it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system.

Need To Upgrade Your Commercial HVAC System?

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