What To Look For In A Professional Commercial Electrician

Friday, July 26th, 2019
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If your business is having electrical problems, you probably know you need to contact an electrician. Electricity is vital for keeping a business open and electrical issues can be dangerous to staff and customers. Even if you know you need to contact a commercial electrician, you may not know who to call. Here are some qualities to look for during your search.

Great and honest ratings

This is probably one of the first things you will look at, but when you begin researching commercial electricians, be sure to look at online reviews and ratings. Make sure to read what past customers have said about their work. Look at multiple websites and social media outlets to make sure you get an accurate idea of their interactions and customer experiences. Look for electricians that are dependable, professional, and fairly priced.

Licensing and bonding

These help you know you can trust your electrician and that if something goes wrong, they are covered. The commercial electrician you choose should have appropriate licensing as well as insurance to cover anything that may happen. You should be able to find out who will be working on your property and whether they are an apprentice, journeyman, master, or contractor.

Experience and knowledge

A trustworthy commercial electrical company will have reliable employees with years of experience. They should encourage their professionals to keep up with continuing education as well. The more experience your electrician has, the more likely they are to repair your systems. Also, the electrician you choose should understand local codes and regulations.

Tips for finding a commercial electrician

Besides knowing the qualities of a good electrician, you should know how to find one. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best company and workers for your needs.

  1. Don’t focus on price first. You need to be able to afford the electrical services you need, but other factors matter too. This includes the reputation of the company, their years of service, and if they offer a warranty.
  2. When looking at costs, pay attention to more than just the hourly rate or an entire bid. Rates also include travel time, which can mean you will pay for travel to and from your location, each visit, or a flat rate. Be sure to ask the electrician about their specific rates and keep in mind how long it will take them to get to your business.
  3. You can prepare before the commercial electrician visits your property. Create a list beforehand if the call is not for an emergency and let them know your needs beforehand. Be sure to clean up any areas they may be working in and make sure your staff and customers know if the service call and repairs will interrupt anything.
  4. Know how you can pay before the commercial electrician comes to your business. You should have the option to pay a portion of the costs at the time of service and receive a bill later. You will most likely be able to pay by check, cash, or card.

Commercial electrical services in the Texas Panhandle

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