What Kind Of Lighting Should My Commercial Property Have?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Lighting is important for commercial properties, as it can affect the comfort of your staff and customers. The functionality and style of your business can also be affected by the lights you choose. If you are constructing a brand new building or looking to upgrade your lighting, you have many styles and options to choose from.

How to choose the right kind of lighting

The first step you should take when choosing new lighting is to figure out how much you need. You can look to professional guides to help you learn how much lighting is best for your property, like those from the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). These will help you with choosing the best options for both visual and aesthetic needs, whether you are illuminating a parking garage, retail store, small office, or industrial facility.

Be sure to speak with a professional to help you with this step. They can create a lighting plan and layout to ensure you get the best results. Your electrician can be a great source of information as well and should be included in the planning process.

Common types of lights to choose from

There are so many different options available for lighting that it may seem overwhelming. Here are some of the most common types that may be available to you and their benefits. It can help to make a list of which styles you think might work for your property and discuss the choices with your electrician.

Recessed lighting

This option is one of the most common types found in offices and retail businesses. It provides soft lighting that is both comfortable and functional. They take up little space on the ceiling, so they are great for places that want to have a clean, simplistic style. You can make these lights bright to light up a large area or focus them on smaller areas for a more narrow effect.

Track lighting

This type is not as soft as recessed lighting but is still versatile and popular in many businesses. It is perfect if you want a bright, focused style in your building. Track lights can swivel within their fixtures, so they can be moved at will. If you are looking for a low-cost option, this may be the right choice for your commercial property.

Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting is one of the most versatile options you have. The fixtures can be flush with the ceiling or walls, semi-flush, or pendant style. Energy-efficient bulbs are popular choices for upgrades. Fluorescent bulbs can work in current electrical systems and for new construction.

Task lighting

This option is great for industrial facilities, commercial kitchens, laboratories, and offices where staff must perform complex and detailed jobs. This type of lighting can be directed at small areas to provide bright, focused light.

Natural lighting

If you want your staff and clients to feel more focused and calm, this is the best choice. Of course, this is something that your electrician can’t provide. If you want natural light but don’t have enough windows, you will need a different kind of remodel. But, if you want to figure out how to have natural lighting with other lights, your electrician can provide you with some guidance.

Using more than one type of lighting

Builders know that varied lighting is vital to creating the best commercial properties. Some rooms may work better with certain types of lights. You will need to consider each room and its purpose to find the best lights. There is a chance that you might even need all of the above types for a fully functional property.

Commercial electrical services in Amarillo, Texas

Even with the right lighting choices, you still need to work with the right electricians. Installation is just as important as a lighting layout. If you would like electrical services from professionals in the Texas Panhandle, contact Bolton Electric, a division of Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical. We provide a variety of Electrical Services including installation, repair, maintenance, upgrades, and remodels. You can call us at (806) 376-8345 or Send Us an Email to learn more.