What Is An Economizer In A Commercial HVAC System?

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018
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If you own a commercial building then you most likely rely on your HVAC system to keep your property cool and your tenants or employees happy. Being familiar with your HVAC system is one of the most important things you can do to keep your building comfortable and your costs low. One of the least understood parts of a commercial HVAC system is the economizer. The following can help you know if an economizer is included in your HVAC system and how these components work.

What is an economizer?

The economizer is part of the outdoor system most commonly mounted on your roof with the rest of your commercial HVAC unit. The economizer helps the HVAC system utilize outdoor air for cooling your building, as long as the indoor air is cool and the humidity balanced. Essentially, if your building isn’t too hot already, the economizer can save you in electricity costs and extend the life of your commercial HVAC system.

What are the benefits of having an economizer?

There are several types of HVAC economizers. Some use a dry bulb sensor to measure the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air. In this type of system, once it reaches the appropriate level, a damper opens and allows outdoor air to mix with indoor air in the ducts. The outdoor air cools the indoor air as it moves through the duct system. One downside of dry bulb economizers is that they can cause increased humidity levels.

Other types of economizers use outdoor humidity sensors that prevent the flow of air if the humidity levels are too high. There are even more advanced models that connect to multi-stage thermostats to optimize the balance.

Economizers can also improve air quality and indoor ventilation. Proper ventilation is critical for your business, especially since some buildings have poor air flow, which can increase the buildup of allergens in the air. Allergens can affect the comfort and health of employees, tenants, and customers. Economizers can also be programmed to detect carbon monoxide and open up ventilation to release it from your building.

How to know if your HVAC system has an economizer

Not all commercial HVAC systems come with economizers. If your building is older, it is likely that your system does not have one. If your HVAC system does have an economizer, it may require repairs to its sensors or dampers, or it may need an upgrade. Even if you do know your system has an economizer, it is best to have it inspected regularly with your entire unit. A professional HVAC technician in your area can check the condition of your economizer to make sure it is working efficiently.

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