Understanding Commercial Plumbing Services Before You Need Them

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
Understanding commercial plumbing services with allens tri-state mechanical

If you own a commercial property, you may wonder what to do if there is ever a plumbing issue. Common commercial plumbing problems include back-ups and low water pressure. The plumbing service industry has specialized plumbers who can handle all of the issues that may affect businesses in many sectors. The following can help you understand commercial plumbing issues and how plumbers can help your business when you need it most.

What type of services do you need?

To first figure out the services you need, a plumbing company will need to know the size of your system. They may ask you how many toilets, sinks, intake, and outlets your system uses. Larger plumbing systems are accustomed to more usage, so plumbers must be more experienced and have more tools to help if your system stops working. Some plumbers only handle single-level strip malls, while others can tackle towers and business parks. The plumbing company you choose should explain what types of structures they handle and whether they can assist you. Essentially, the larger the building, the larger the system, and the harder it becomes for smaller outfits to tackle certain problems.

Second, the plumbing company will need to know the complexity of your system. Similar to size, the larger the building, the more complicated the system. However, certain commercial buildings are also inherently complex, like restaurants that use a lot of water and are constantly dealing with grease build-up.

Additionally, any property that has two or more floors likely has a complicated plumbing system that relies on gravity. Fixing the plumbing in these types of buildings requires a suite of equipment that some plumbers may not have. Finally, the type of problem also defines the services a commercial plumbing company will provide. Some problems are immediately apparent, like a burst pipe. Others, like blockages, may not manifest for months.

Commercial vs. residential plumbers

Residential plumbers handle complicated jobs, but not typically like those faced by commercial plumbing companies. Commercial plumbers must obtain specialized training and licenses, follow additional codes of compliance, and use tools that residential plumbers may never see. Commercial, municipal, and industrial buildings all use plumbing systems that are larger and more complex than residential plumbers are accustomed to seeing. Using the wrong plumber can result in drastically increased costs for your business in lost operating time, extra repairs, and possibly even liability.

Services provided by commercial plumbing companies

Commercial plumbers can install specialized equipment, repair large pieces of equipment, and inspect for issues. Here is a list of services a commercial plumbing company can provide your business.

A commercial enterprise may use numerous different types of faucets that are needed to handle hundreds to even thousands of gallons of water a day. These faucets are sturdier and need to operate continuously for years. Similar to faucets, commercial toilets must handle more use than residential toilets. Commercial toilets must accommodate increased water usage and storage, as well.

Just like faucets and toilets, commercial water heaters must handle more use and water storage than residential units. Commercial water heaters come in a variety of sizes, fuel types, and capacity.

Sump pumps are the last line of defense to prevent flooding in both residential and commercial buildings. Sump pumps need to be regularly inspected and maintained, because the last thing your business needs are slippery floors or ankle-deep water.

Check your municipal city code for any rules you may have to follow. For example, many cities require businesses to install backflow preventers at cross-connection points. Doing this prevents cross-contamination of water and other problems.

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