The Top 10 Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017
Understanding commercial plumbing services with allens tri-state mechanical

Although many people do not understand plumbing, they may think that their commercial plumbing issues are experienced only by them. However, most plumbing issues can happen all over the country. At any point in time, someone has experienced the same frustrating issues that you have, like having to plunge a toilet or unclog a sink. However, not every one of these problems can be easily repaired. Sometimes, you need help from a professional plumber to solve some of the most common plumbing issues.

Faucet leaks

You may think that because faucets leak often, the issue is a common enough occurrence that it isn’t a problem. However, a leaky faucet can waste thousands of gallons a year. This causes you to spend hundreds of dollars more in higher water bills.

With faucet leaks, all you see is the water that drips out, but what about leaks that are happening within your pipes or behind the drywall? Water could pool under your floor, resulting in water damage, mold, and even structural issues to your property. Make sure you identify the source and fix it by contacting a local plumbing company.

Drain clogs

Drain clogs are less of an issue in residential homes than commercial buildings. Most people tend to take better care of their own things, so they do not treat commercial restrooms with care. People tend to drop bits of paper towels and other debris into commercial drains. The result is that most of the debris get stuck in the pipes, clogging up the system and slowing down the release of water. This may sound like a minor problem, but even little things affect the presentation of your company. Clogged drains do not look good, and they could lead to larger problems down the line.

Toilet clogs

Similar to drains, commercial toilets endure a substantial amount of abuse. Luckily, they are also built to last and endure far more use than residential toilets. However, a clogged toilet is still a common plumbing issue. Plunging a commercial toilet may not be enough to unclog it. If you can’t fix a clogged toiled on your own, contact a commercial plumbing company to snake the drain.

Running toilets

Running toilets always seem to be “on,” draining water or flushing at random intervals. These signs indicate that there is a serious problem with your toilets. DIY tips say you can try jiggling some of the tank components, but sometimes the toilet needs the attention of a commercial plumbing company.

Broken toilet handles

When you buy a building, it will probably come with toilet handles, but you should get rid of these. Toilet handles are fragile and will break after so many uses. The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to secure new business is come up with a solution for a toilet that won’t flush. Professional plumbers generally recommend motion activated flushing systems, because they are more hygienic and require less maintenance.

Failed internal toilet components

Like handles, toilet parts fail often. When these parts fail, don’t try to replace or repair them yourself. Your commercial plumbing is probably not the place to try out a DIY fix you watched on television. By contacting a professional plumber to inspect and repair your toilets, you will save time and money.

Silent leaks

You cannot detect silent leaks until it is too late without watching your water bill carefully. If you notice unusual spikes, that’s a good indication that there is a leak behind a wall somewhere. You need to hire a commercial plumbing company to find the leak, stop it, and clean up any damage it has done. Silent leaks are dangerous and could cause health problems in the form of toxic mold if not addressed.

Water temperature problems

Commercial water heaters need to be inspected every few months to make sure they are running properly. If you notice issues with your hot water supply, you may need to clean the water heater. There are other issues that can affect your water heater, so setting up regular inspections with a commercial plumbing company is the best way to prevent them.

Sewer smells

If you smell sewage, call for help right away. This issue usually means there is a sewage block somewhere. Commercial plumbers can use a variety of methods and tools to detect blockages in your main sewer line, and fix them quickly and efficiently.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is caused by a variety of problems, including leaks and burst pipes. Don’t ignore or try to diagnose this type of problem on your own. Contact a commercial plumbing company if you find any of your faucets have low water pressure.

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