The Importance Of Seasonal Boiler Maintenance

Friday, April 15th, 2016

If you heat your home in Amarillo, Texas with a boiler, it has worked hard all winter long. Now that spring has arrived, it is time to prepare your equipment for the summer months. Most people have maintenance done on their boilers in the fall, before they are started for the first time. However, spring is a great time to have the maintenance done. If you use a boiler, it is vital to understand why maintenance is important and what needs to be done for the maintenance to be completed properly.

Why is boiler maintenance important?

You rely on your boiler to keep you warm throughout the cold winter nights. If the equipment is not working at its best, it will burn more fuel than it should and drive up your fuel bills. Your boiler will have to work harder to keep your home warm, which is one reason for the increase in costs.

Having routine maintenance done will keep the boiler running efficiently. Experienced plumbers in Amarillo can correct minor problems before they turn into major ones. Failing to have routine maintenance performed will cost you more in the long run, leading to very expensive repairs. You could even have to replace the boiler before it should be necessary.

Routine maintenance is also critical for safety purposes. Your boiler burns fuel to heat water. That fuel must burn thoroughly and the fumes must be vented properly. If there are any problems with either fuel or fumes, deadly carbon monoxide could escape into your living space.

What needs to be done for boiler maintenance?

When preparing for the summer, it is important to have comprehensive maintenance planned for your boiler. This preventative maintenance will ensure that you are ready for the first cold autumn night.

Both the fireside and the water side of your boiler should be thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning will prevent build-up from interfering with the systems inside the equipment. The boiler should have new gaskets installed after the cleaning as well to keep it properly sealed. This step improves efficiency and safety.

The low water cutoff needs to be tested and checked. If the water boils away and the fuel does not cut off, it can cause irreparable damage to the boiler. All safety devices must be checked, including the safety valves, the flame safeguards, and the shut-off valves. The air vents and flues must be cleaned and checked, as dirty vents can interfere with proper fuel burn.

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