Taking Care Of Your Commercial Garbage Disposal

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020
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Commercial plumbing systems are complicated, especially in restaurants. The garbage disposal is just one of the many components that must be well-maintained to work properly. Here are some tips that can help you and your staff maintain this part of your plumbing and prevent bigger issues.

Know how a garbage disposal works

One reason that people don’t use their disposals properly is that they don’t know how the system works. This is true for homeowners and restaurant staff alike. Although there are blades in this system, the garbage disposal is not a blender.

These blades are known as impeller blades. Although they can still harm you, they aren’t as sharp as those in a blender. The motor propels the blades and uses centrifugal force to tear apart smaller particles of food. Only certain food items can be put into the disposal. You should never put in bones, fruit pits, plastic, paper, or similar items because they will not be torn apart properly.

Consider the texture of different foods

If you work in a restaurant kitchen, you likely think of food texture daily. But, it can be helpful to start considering this feature when dumping food into the sink drain. Here are some examples.

  • Harder food can cause the motor of the garbage disposal to stop working or break the blades.
  • Fibrous foods like asparagus or celery can wrap around the components of the disposal, resulting in a jam.
  • Rice, pasta, and similar foods will make it past the garbage disposal easily and end up making clogs.
  • Food waste with a paper-like consistency, like onion skins, will act like paper in the disposal.

Consider how waste products affect the drains

Remember, even if something goes through the garbage disposal safely, that doesn’t mean it is okay for your entire commercial plumbing system. Fats, oils, and grease will all harm the drains and plumbing in your restaurant. They often cause clogs, which can result in backflow.

Prevent backflow in your plumbing pipes

Backflow happens when the flow of potable water reverses and waste water flows out of the fixtures. This is not just gross, it is dangerous. For restaurants, backflow prevention devices are required in most areas so that the safety of their patrons and staff is not at risk. These devices use a valve that is able to detect changes in water pressure and stop bad water from going through.

Commercial plumbing for restaurants in the Texas Panhandle

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