Some Of The Most Common Residential Electrical Issues

Friday, June 21st, 2019
residential electrical outlet

When you think of the electricity in your home, you may think about high bills first. A higher than normal bill is actually one sign of electrical issues, along with damaged appliances and flickering lights. Here are some of the most common residential electrical problems you may experience.

Light switches not working

This issue usually happens when the light switches have not been installed properly. If you have moved into a new home and the switches don’t work at all, it could mean that they have been deactivated. It could also mean that the circuit, outlet, or switch are faulty. If the outlet is warm, that could mean you are facing a dangerous situation. A professional electrician can help you figure out what is causing the problem and how to fix it.

Problems with the circuits

When the circuit breaker trips, it is doing its job of protecting your home properly. But, you should know what caused it to trip in the first place. Some appliances and tools, like microwaves and hair dryers, have high wattage requirements. If these are used at the same time on the same source, this can trip the circuit breaker. You can prevent this issue by using only one appliance on each circuit or by using lower settings.

A common issue that can cause circuit breakers to trip often is when the power boards are overloaded. When homes don’t have enough power outlets and circuits, people end up putting too much demand on one outlet. To prevent overloading the boards, do not use too many things on one outlet and remove any devices you aren’t using.

Electrical surges

Some surges are caused by lightning strikes or power line damage. Others are caused by bad wiring and faulty appliances or electronics. If you have too many electrical surges, they can damage these items. One of your devices or appliances or the wiring itself could be the culprit of surges. An electrician can help you find out what is happening and help you avoid future problems.

High electricity bills

This is a common issue for many households that isn’t just the result of leaving all the lights on. You can lower the cost of your electricity by using less demanding electronics and appliances, preventing power surges, and repairing damaged wires or circuits.

Electric shocks

Although these typically don’t cause pain, they are a reminder that electricity is dangerous. If you get shocked when turning on electronics, light switches, or appliances, it could be a major issue or a small one. You can test to see if the problem is the outlet or the device by trying a different outlet, but it is best to consult with an electrician.

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