Signs You Need To Replace Your Industrial Boiler

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Industrial boilers have a reputation for lasting a long time, especially when you compare them with other heating systems. There are only a few ways for a problem to occur with your industrial boiler, as it has fewer moving parts. However, every industrial boiler has an expiration date. At some point, your system will not be able to keep up with heat demands. There are some symptoms you can look for to determine if your industrial boiler will soon need replacement, including increased repair needs and higher energy bills.

Increased boiler repair needs

Your boiler system should not need repairs often. If repairs start to stack up, it is probably time to replace the system. Typically, you should expect to repair an industrial boiler once every few years. Parts begin to wear out and fail as it nears time for replacement. If you have to repair your boiler several times in a year, it is most likely not worth keeping. Consider purchasing a new system rather than continuing to repair your old one.

Higher energy bills

Every industrial boiler system accumulates wear and tear over the years. The various parts which make up the system will begin to wear, causing a steady decline in the efficiency of the system. This decline will force the system to operate for longer periods in order to get the same amount of heat. The longer your boiler system is operating, the more it will cost. If you notice that your heating bills begin to increase for no visible reason, it is time to replace your industrial boiler system. All the money you spend paying higher energy bills could go towards paying for a new, more efficient system.

Boiler repair and replacement

If your industrial boiler is experiencing the above symptoms, you should hire a professional to help you replace the system. A well-functioning system is essential to keeping energy costs down and the temperature right where you want it.

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