Signs That Your Home Needs Drain Cleaning Services

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Clean drains and sewer lines are essential components within the modern home. When plumbing lines get clogged, the resulting inconvenience and potential damage can be considerable. It is important to keep an eye on your drains and plumbing systems to ensure that they are draining properly. Some signs that you need drain cleaning services include having odors in your home and having water flow issues. You should also make sure that your toilet and appliances are using water correctly.

You may need drain cleaning services if your home has odors

One sign that you need drain cleaning services for your home is having strange odors. Often, when your drains begin to clog, they will trap food and fecal matter that will begin generating methane. These odors will waft through the home and be most noticeable within the kitchen and bathrooms. Odors will become more noticeable as clogs grows in size, reducing air pressure within the pipes and making it easier for the smell to enter the home.

Water flow issues may be a sign that you need drain cleaning services

It is also wise to pay close attention to problems with the water flow in your drain systems. Water flow problems are a visual sign that you may need drain cleaning. If you notice any sudden changes, there’s a good chance a clog is forming within your plumbing lines. Slowing water flow and water backing up into the shower, tub, or sink are clear indications that there’s something blocking the flow. Another issues to look for is a decrease in water pressure flowing from faucets and fixtures. Low water flow issues can be indications of a leak in the pipe or a clog that has formed.

You may need drain cleaning services if you are having toilet issues

Another key plumbing fixture to watch is the toilet. If your toilet bowl is empty or not filling to the regular level, the issue could be could caused by a buildup within the drain. If a clog exists, the water pressure will be limited, which slows the filling of the bowl. Another sign you may need drain cleaning services to clear a clog is if your toilet is overflowing.

If your appliances are not working properly you may need drain cleaning services

You should also inspect your appliances to ensure that they are using sufficient water for the purposes they’re made for. Dishwashers and washing machines that are returning dirty dishes and clothing after being used can indicate water backing up within the plumbing system. If water back up, food and dirt can be recycled through the appliance.

If you notice any of these plumbing problems, it is imperative that you act quickly. Not only will a blocked drain be an inconvenience, but leaking water can cause considerable damage to flooring, ceilings, and walls. The sooner you resolve any drainage issues, the less likely the clogged drain will lead to expensive and even more inconvenient repairs.

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