Sheet Metal Design Standards Your Fabrication Company Should Follow

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020
laser cutting sheet metal

When you work with a sheet metal fabrication company, you should make sure they follow certain standards. Whether you are in the business of fixing cars, building complicated ductwork systems, or creating specialty facilities, your unique needs must be met. Sheet metal designers and fabricators should follow these guidelines (at the least) to produce high-quality products.

The bending radius

Sheet metal needs to be able to pass a flexure test, so it must have optimal bendability. Once the metal reaches its minimum bend radius, it will crack down. The fabricator must keep this in mind and remember that the accuracy of the bend radius depends on the process and tools used. Typically, the smallest radius bend is equal to the thickness of the metal.

Hole sizes

Punching holes into sheet metal is a common practice that can be compared using a hole puncher on paper. But, it is more complicated and costly. This is why both design and fabrication must be precise. Any holes that are going to be placed in sheet metal must be planned and their size must be designated. Be sure that your supplier understands the nature of this metal and ask for their punch list to see what they have to offer.

The width of flanges

Flanges, which are internal or external ridges, help stabilize and strengthen the product. The standard for sheet metal fabrication is that a flange width should not equal less than four times the thickness of the metal.

Edge bending

The step is done during the sheet metal fabrication process to make the edges stronger. Your supplier must be sure to make provisions for any angles that are less than 90 degrees during the process. If they don’t, it can cause unnecessary (and sometimes costly) complications.

The clearance between a bend and a hole

If your sheet metal needs a bend and hole close to each other, the fabricator must make sure to give them enough space. This clearance is vital for preventing structural issues. The distance between the hole’s edge and the bend should be two times more than the thickness of the sheet metal stock.

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