Replacing vs Repairing Broken Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021
empty commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchen equipment is used and abused day-in and day-out. The malfunction of a single burner, dishwasher, or griddle could hurt the kitchen’s entire schedule – costing your business money and injuring its reputation. Therefore, the essential question is whether you should repair or replace this equipment. This guide will go through some factors that can help you determine the best option for your business.




First, consider the age of your commercial kitchen equipment. When did you buy it? Is there a better, more efficient model on the market that will produce savings for your business? You can’t follow a hard-and-fast rule regarding the age of your equipment. But in general, the older the equipment, the likelier that it is more cost-effective to replace rather than repair.

Hidden Costs

Second, consider the costs to replace the equipment in your restaurant. How difficult will it be to remove from the kitchen and what delays can you expect? Will it force your kitchen to shut down? How can you dispose of it? These hidden costs can sometimes double the cost of replacing equipment between additional labor and work stoppage.


Third, this factor is usually read in conjunction with age. In general, the older the equipment, the less safe it probably is. When reviewing the safety of your equipment, think about it holistically. How safe is it for your team to use? Are there glaring oversights? Do new models address these safety concerns? Has a member of your team been injured before?

For example, older commercial espresso makers sometimes don’t include automatic locks, which makes them more dangerous. A team member may accidentally remove the filter before the espresso is done brewing, thereby spilling boiling water all over themselves.


Fourth, can you find parts to fix your damaged equipment? Again, similar to age, the older the equipment is, the harder it is to locate parts. However, this is also true for foreign-manufactured equipment. If the manufacturer is located abroad, getting a replacement part can take months. Anyone who has purchased a Japanese washing machine is probably familiar with this odyssey. If obtaining replacement parts is expensive or will take a long while, the equipment may be worth replacing.

Overall cost

Finally, consider the overall cost of replacing and repairing commercial equipment. In general, repairing equipment is usually the cheaper option when compared to replacing it. Indeed, replacement may only be justified if a majority of these factors tilt in favor of it, rather than just one or two.

Need Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Replaced Or Repaired?

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