Remodeling? Don’t Forget To Speak With An Electrician!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021
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Remodeling your home or business takes time and planning, whether you are redoing the kitchen or updating the electrical system. It also takes knowledge and the correct tools. While there are many aspects of remodeling that you CAN handle, simply with research, there are others that are too dangerous. This includes your electricity. Here are some things you should consider speaking with an electrician about for your remodeling project.

Electrical outlets

Every room in your house or business needs electricity. If you are adding on rooms or redoing them, you may need to move outlets. You might need to add some as well. Your electrician will know what types of outlets are best suited for each room. They can also tell you if your hardware needs to be upgraded for safety reasons. Outlet covers come in a lot of designs, so be sure to let your electrician know if you plan on using something special so they can accommodate if necessary.

Lighting options

When you remodel, you don’t have to stick to adding rooms or expanding the walls. You can also update light fixtures and the electrical systems that power them. If you aren’t using anything that is energy efficient, your electrician can help you upgrade.

Some good choices for an electrical remodel include recessed lighting motion sensors, track lighting, and ceiling fans. If you don’t need anything new, you can consider moving things around. This includes any light fixtures and fans you already have.

The necessities

You need to be sure to know everything you need before you start your remodel, not just the things you want. Getting an inspection done before is a great idea. It can help you find any areas of your electrical system that are outdated or not up to code, as well as any safety issues that need to be repaired. Your electrician can fix all of these issues and help you remodel the features on your property.

Wires may need to be fixed or changed

Rewiring and rerouting may be necessary. Your electrician should be aware of the fixtures you need and what you are using a room for in order to plan. Are you adding a theater room to your home or more office space for your call center? Both of these will require more electricity, which means you will need the proper hardware and equipment for the job.

Tips to keep in mind when remodeling

You must be prepared to start your remodel, especially if it will include electrical. Here are some things to remember to ask your electrician about.

  • Know where the breaker box and panels are. If you aren’t sure, an electrician can help you locate them.
  • Make sure your breaker box is up to code. If it isn’t, it could be a safety hazard for everyone.
  • Think about the future. Will you be selling at any point? Do you think another remodel will be needed that will affect your current one?
  • Know your budget. This will be important for your overall project, but will also help you decide what necessities and wants you can afford.
  • Safety should be a top priority, for you and your electrician. Make sure you are aware of any safety concerns and that the company you work with values safety.

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