Regular Drain Cleaning Can Protect Your Home

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Take a moment to imagine everything that goes down the drains in your Amarillo home. Most households have plenty of bathroom and kitchen waste, which can accumulate in the plumbing drains, causing blockages and overflows. You can prevent damaging clogs from happening in your plumbing by scheduling regular drain cleaning. A drain cleaning service has many benefits, including limiting potential blockages, removing roots, finding damage before it causes problems, and reducing odors.

Limiting potential blockages

Think about what would happen if the plumbing in your home became clogged. A sink drain blockage will generally cause only minimal damage. However, if your main house drain gets blocked, you could be getting sewage waste and greasy kitchen water backing up into your kitchen and bathroom. This type of blockage could cause thousands of dollars in damage and even make your home uninhabitable for a time.

Removing roots

Your home’s main drain goes underground once it leaves the foundation. Microscopic tree roots can find minute cracks in the pipes and infiltrate them. The roots get nourishment from the sewage that flows through the pipes, making them grow and multiply. These roots can cause damage to your plumbing, including blockages. A regular drain cleaning service in Amarillo can remove these harmful roots and prevent further damage from occurring.

Finding damage before it becomes a problem

If your drains are more than ten years old, there is an increasing likelihood that some portion of them have sustained damage. The damage might only be a slight crack in certain areas, but those minute cracks can grow. Catching the small bits of damage early through regular drain cleaning will let you make repairs before worse damage happens.

Reducing odors

Quite often, a backed up drain smells like rotten food or human waste. If you have a partial blockage in your plumbing, these smells are likely to occur. Increase the lifespan of your pipes and reduce the chances of these odors happening by scheduling regular drain cleaning. Keeping your drains clear will help keep the pipes in good condition, so they will last as long as possible.

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