Need A Commercial Refrigeration Tech? Follow These 3 Tips!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
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No matter how advanced or reliable your refrigeration system is, it will eventually run into problems that could cause shutdowns or unexpected breakdowns. With regular maintenance and inspections, you can ensure that your system runs at its best for as long as possible. However, maintenance can only take you so far. You will need to hire a technician to inspect your system and provide more in-depth services at some point.

Commercial refrigeration units are large, complex machines. These are expensive pieces of technology, so you should hire an experienced mechanic who is ready to help solve your problems quickly. The following will go over what you should look for when hiring a refrigeration technician.

Licensing, certification, and insurance

Anyone you hire to work on your commercial refrigeration system should be certified and licensed. Certification guarantees that the technician has trained to conduct difficult repairs. Also, a license is required to work on commercial systems. If you hire an unlicensed technician, you run the risk of causing more damage to your system. Finally, the technician or the company they work for should have insurance. If the mechanic causes more damage, you will need a way to recover expenses.


Hire someone who has experience working with commercial refrigeration systems. There is a big difference between commercial and residential refrigeration. If you’re getting bids, ask for references, testimonials, and other evidence of their experience. Another way to judge experience is to check how long the business has been in operation. The longer the business has been open, the more systems its technicians have repaired.


The last thing you should consider is the rate the company will charge for working on your refrigeration system. Remember, you don’t want to cheap out on the rates in favor of someone less experienced. Call for estimates to find out how much each business is going to charge for your repairs. Knowing your budget and getting an array of estimates can help you make the right decision financially.

When it comes to heavy, expensive equipment that your business can’t function without, it may be best to consider qualifications over rates and availability. Choosing quality over quantity can save you money on equipment repairs in the long-term.

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