Learning The Basics: Information On Industrial Equipment

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Becoming familiar with the standard equipment of an industry is key for running a smooth, productive operation. If you are new to an industry, it will be well worth your time to review the basic industrial equipment utilized in that business sector. While it will take time to get comfortable with all of the industry terminology, having a core knowledge base will help you get started. Special machinery is needed for many of the world’s largest industries including agriculture and forestry, chemical, construction, food and beverage production, and manufacturing.

Agriculture and forestry industrial equipment

Basic agriculture and forestry industrial equipment, such as tractors, is readily available. Keep an eye out for good deals on second hand items to save a few dollars. Other mainstream industrial equipment includes wagons, plows, backhoes, broadcast seeders, and milking machines. Large scale farms tend to rely exclusively on industrial equipment to get their work done in a timely fashion. There are numerous uses for industrial equipment in agriculture including planting seeds, tilling and cultivating soil, grading produce, harvesting crops, and regulating pesticides.

Chemical industrial equipment

The primary focus for the chemical industry is producing industrial chemicals, which are used for an extensive array of products from coconut oil to pesticides. Most of the manufacturing for the chemical industry revolves around facilitating chemical reactions. The industrial equipment required in the chemical industry can vary widely from turbine generators to medical devices. Analytical machines (i.e. spectrophotometers) and distillation systems are both examples of chemical industrial equipment.

Construction industrial equipment

The construction industry includes all of the companies that are involved in the construction of a building from pouring the foundation to installing electrical outlets. Workers must collaborate to plan and design a given task, survey the project site, direct funding, establish a schedule, and source and provide the materials. Employees working in construction must also oversee site safety and the actual construction project. Common industrial equipment for construction includes bulldozers, cranes, wheel loaders, drilling machines, forklifts, and excavators.

Food and beverage industrial equipment

The food and beverage industry is involved in any type of large scale food production. The appliances required for commercial food production must be larger and more durable than what is suitable for the average home kitchen. Most commercial kitchens require industrial equipment like food steamers, food warmers, walk-in freezers, fryers, and ovens.

Manufacturing industrial equipment

Much like the chemical industry, the manufacturing industry plays a large role in the production of ordinary household items and other commonly used products. Just a few examples of prominent manufacturing sectors are electronic devices, automobiles, clothing, and food packaging. As manufacturing covers such a diverse range of products, the equipment required for the industry is also quite varied. Industrial equipment for the manufacturing sector includes vacuum sealers, process controllers, compressors, car lifts, and flatbed cutters.

If you need more information about items for your particular industry, do not be afraid to do your own research. Type relevant industry keywords into any major search engine. You should get a wealth of detailed articles about specific industries, including tips and advice for selecting and purchasing the tools that you need. You can also talk to industrial equipment manufacturers and sales companies to get their input. Most manufacturers are well versed in their specific industry and can give you quite a bit of help with buying or renting industrial equipment.

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