Keeping Your Industrial Boiler In The Best Condition

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Few energy appliances are used as universally in industrial plants as the industrial boiler. As an older technology, boilers don’t often receive the attention given to other industrial equipment. When improving energy efficiency at a plant, the boiler should be the center of interest, as it is the largest energy consuming device in a facility.

Your existing industrial boiler should be brought up to date with the newest technology. It may turn out that a replacement will pay for itself in a short time by improving the plant’s energy efficiency. There are a few ways you can maximize the efficiency of your system to keep it in good shape until it is time for replacement. These steps include maintaining clean boiler surfaces, having good heat recovery, and knowing the condition of your industrial boiler.

Maintaining clean boiler surfaces

Keeping a clean fire-side and water-side boiler transfer surface is a critical aspect of the machine’s efficiency. To keep the surface clean, a proper deposit control program is a necessity. Perform boiler blowdowns on a regular basis to reduce the dissolved solids in the system. You also need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to optimize these procedures. New boilers have been designed to minimize fire-side deposits, but should still be properly maintained.

Heat recovery is essential

When fuel prices increase, it is important to recover every bit of energy that could be wasted. You can have economizers added to the boiler’s exhaust gas stream in order to recover heat that would otherwise be sent into the atmosphere. The heat can be taken and used to preheat the makeup water or feedwater. You can also recover heat from boiler blowdown equipment. Energy can be conserved by adjusting the steam traps and by improving the condensate return systems.

The condition of your current industrial boiler

Deciding whether you need to retrofit or replace your industrial boiler system can be complex. It is important to consider the condition of your existing boiler first. The condition of the pressure vessel, shell, tubes and furnace must be taken into account. You should look for signs of pitting, heavy scaling, cracking, or stress during an annual inspection. If none of these issues are present, the pressure vessel is probably in good shape. This means your industrial boiler should be able to deliver many additional years of life.

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