Is Water Backing Up Into Your Bathtub? Try Residential Drain Cleaning!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019
water backing up into bathtub plumbing repair Amarillo, Texas

If you have noticed water backing up into your bathtub, you probably know something isn’t quite right. The water can come from a few places, like your kitchen sink, washing machine, and even toilet. Plumbing drains for these fixtures are usually small in size and lead to larger main lines and eventually the sewer line. The following can help you know if you may have a clog and what you can do about it.

Water coming from the kitchen sink

There could be many reasons your kitchen sink is draining into your bathtub. One of the first to look out for is when the plumbing pipes connecting your bathtub and kitchen sink to the main line are clogged. Bathtubs sit lower than sinks, so the water that cannot drain will be forced through the easiest pathway.

Another issue that can cause kitchen sink wastewater to drain into your bathtub is if the larger pipes or main sewer line is clogged. There should be an access point between your house and the street, usually near a curb, that can help you detect a clog in these pipes. You may need a wrench or something heavy to help you open the cover. Once you can see inside, look for standing water, a blockage, or debris.

Septic tanks can become full if they are not drained often enough. Wastewater will have nowhere to go if this is the case, so it will begin backing up into your bathtub. Also, the air vents that help regulate pressure in your plumbing pipes can become clogged, causing backups throughout the system.

Toilet water backing up into the bathtub

Sometimes wastewater from your toilet can drain into your bathtub. This can be a startling and unpleasant experience. The most common cause for this is when the bathroom’s pipes are clogged. If the toilet water has nowhere to go, it will push up through the bathtub pipe. If the line isn’t clogged completely, the wastewater will eventually drain.

Water coming from the washing machine

The water from your clothes washing machine should drain through plumbing pipes that connect to the main line along with other fixtures. If the water is coming up through your bathtub, there is a clog somewhere in the line. You will know this is a problem when your washing machine is draining and you hear gurgling from your tub or see a large amount of discolored water.

What to do when water backs up into your bathtub

If you think you have a clog that is causing wastewater to drain into your bathtub, you should contact a plumber as soon as possible. Even if the water doesn’t smell bad, a backup is an issue that will only get worse over time. A professional plumbing company can do an inspection to find where the clog is and remove it. Common clogs include tree roots, grease and debris buildup, and even random items.

Once a clog has been removed and any damage repaired, regular maintenance and drain cleaning should be done. This will limit backups and prevent more damage. There are many other benefits from residential drain cleaning including:

  • Preventing emergencies like water damage
  • Saving you money
  • Getting rid of bad odors
  • Clearing clogs and blockages before they get too large
  • Speeding up drain flow

Expert residential drain cleaning in Amarillo, Texas

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