Hydro-jetting: Solving Clogged Drains The Right Way

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Clogged and sluggish drains are a common complaint that commercial plumbers hear from many business owners. The chemical treatments you buy at the store for clogged pipes are often completely ineffective or only provide temporary relief before the clog comes back. These store bought treatments include chemicals that are toxic to humans and the environment. Hydro-jetting is a safe, effective alternative to caustic chemicals found in store bought drain cleaning supplies. Hydro-jetting involves a commercial plumber using a high-pressure blast of water to break apart clogs and to scour pipes clean on the inside. This method of drain cleaning is more effective than other methods, is safe on plumbing pipes, saves time and money, and is safe for the environment.

Hydro-jetting is more effective at cleaning drains

Hydro-jetting is more effective than drain augers or chemical treatments. Drain augers, or plumbing snakes, and chemical treatments can break through a clog. However, neither treatment will eliminate the bulk of the clog itself, making it easy for a new clog to appear within a short time. With hydro-jetting, the entire clog is blown away, leaving the inside of the pipe clean and clear. Hydro-jetting drastically reduces the chances of a clog coming back quickly.

Hydro-jetting is safe on commercial plumbing pipes

The chemicals used in drain cleaning products soften PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the material many modern drains are made from. This softening can lead to permanent damage and corrosion. If you have a commercial plumbing system built before 1940, you may have clay drain lines leading out to the street. Drain cleaning chemicals can also do damage to those delicate pipes. Hydro-jetting is a safer drain cleaning alternative for both types of piping systems.

Hydro-jetting saves time and money

Hydro-jetting does cost a bit more than augering or using drain chemicals for the first treatment. However, drain augering and chemical treatments are only temporary fixes when it comes to clogged drains, so the clogs are going to return fairly quickly. Each time a clog returns, you must spend money to clear it out again using chemical treatments or augering. A single treatment with hydro-jetting can solve current clog problems and keep them away for many years to come, which saves time and money.

Hydro-jetting is safe for the environment

Hydro-jetting is safe for you and the environment. The back of chemical drain cleaning products are full of warnings regarding their use and hold very little instruction on how to use the products. Skin or eye contact can cause chemical burns and accidental ingestion can be a dangerous problem. The chemicals from these drain cleaning products are released into the environment when you flush them down the drain. Hydro-jetting just uses water to clean drains, so their are no toxic chemicals or fumes, which is better for both you and the environment.

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