Hydro Excavation: How Does It Work And Is It Worth It?

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
hydro excavation in the texas panhandle

Hydro excavation is a digging method that uses a combination of water and vacuuming to remove debris. Traditional techniques use manual methods, but these run the risk of damaging the earth and employees. Hydro excavation uses trucks and hoses to blast water and then later vacuum the slurry away.

Unlike traditional methods, hydro excavation is safer for your workers and the environment. In fact, this method does little to no damage to the ground, making it popular in a broad range of industries. The following will go over the different ways you can use hydro excavation and how it can benefit your digging project.

Three ways you can use hydro excavation

  • 1. Trenching – This method is used to install gas lines, pipes, data lines, and phone lines, and to locate underground utilities. Trenching involves digging long and relatively shallow holes to bury equipment.
  • 2. Debris Removal – Hydro excavation can be used to clear areas by removing debris, dust, and other materials. It can also be used to clean up after construction work on streets, to clean drainage areas, and manholes.
  • 3. Daylighting/potholing – Hydro excavation can be used to uncover underground utilities to perform maintenance or upgrades. This allows you to check horizontal and vertical positioning of utilities and to check for any damage such as root punctures or cracks.

Is hydro excavation worth it?

Hydro excavation can be cheaper and faster than traditional digging methods, depending on the soil. It is also more cost efficient because it does not require additional dump trucks to carry the debris and will not use extra gasoline for digging tools. Rather, the truck that carries in the water for the excavation can also vacuum up the soil. Finally, because this method is faster, you can complete jobs more efficiently.

Using hydro excavation is safer on the land and utility lines than traditional digging methods. Heavy digging equipment, shovels, backhoes, and other pieces of equipment are significantly more dangerous than hydro vacuuming. This benefit often makes the difference when choosing between traditional and hydro excavation.

Industrial and commercial hydro excavation in Amarillo, Texas

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