How To Temporarily Repair Plumbing With Epoxy Putty

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. A leak can turn into a spray, a crack may appear on a pipe joint, and a faucet can start to gush water everywhere. Homeowners and business owners in Amarillo, Texas will tell you these kinds of plumbing emergencies always seem to happen during the most inconvenient times. During these times, you need to make an emergency plumbing repair to prevent major damage from occurring until you can contact professional plumbers. Epoxy putty is a great choice to get a plumbing problem temporarily under control.

How to make an emergency plumbing repair with epoxy putty

Epoxy putty is the perfect choice for a temporary plumbing repair, because it works in wet conditions as well as dry ones. The epoxy putty forms a semi-permanent bond that will last until you can get a professional plumber to make a permanent fix.

To apply the epoxy putty properly, you will need a sanding cloth and latex gloves.

Sand the area around the leak with the sanding cloth to clean and rough up the area. This step prepares the area for the epoxy putty. It is best to use a circular pattern, then a criss-cross one for best adhesion.

Clean the sanded area with a wet rag or one soaked in denatured alcohol. The area needs to be free of debris. Afterward, allow the area to dry thoroughly.

You will need to break off a piece of the putty stick next. Roll the epoxy putty between your gloved hands and start folding it over. You need to continue working the epoxy putty until it becomes uniform in color and feels warm to the touch.

Apply the epoxy putty to the leak and carefully place it in and around the break. If you want a smooth finish, wet your fingers and work the epoxy putty out from the center to create a feathered edge.

Epoxy putty can last for a while, keeping the water in the pipe where it belongs. However, using this product is not a permanent plumbing repair. The putty will start to deteriorate and develop cracks, and may start to separate from the pipe’s surface, causing the leak to come back.

If you need to make an epoxy putty repair, get an Amarillo plumber in as soon as possible to make the permanent repair to your plumbing. Contact the plumbers at Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical in Amarillo, Texas by calling (806) 376-8345. You can also Contact Us by email to learn more about our residential and commercial plumbing services or stop by our office at 404 S. Hayden Street.