How To Recycle Plumbing Fixtures

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

If you recently decided to remodel your bathroom, you might be wondering if you should recycle old plumbing fixtures and how to do it. There are many benefits to recycling these fixtures such as helping to reduce waste at the landfill. This product is not biodegradable and lingers in the environment. If you have chosen a more efficient plumbing fixture, you may also help to conserve water use where you live.

To recycle your plumbing fixtures, you will need to sort plumbing pieces by the material they are made from. You will also need to call the department of public works or recycling center in your area. The method used for recycling plumbing fixtures varies by city.

Sort plumbing pieces by the material

Common materials used for plumbing fixtures include cast iron, plastic, and steel. While plastic pieces are not easily recyclable because they have a toxic solvent, most communities accept metal pieces.

Another common material is brass, which is an alloy of zinc, copper, tin, and lead. This material is resistant to hard-water calcification and soft-water corrosion. This resistance makes brass plumbing pieces highly recyclable.

Some plumbing fixtures are made of specialty metals, such as gold. These fixtures are usually much older. However, most plumbing fixtures that are gold-colored are usually not valuable. As bathroom designers used more gold-plated bathroom products, manufacturers introduced more gold-toned items to meet demands. These gold-toned items usually do not contain very much gold at all. When this product was manufactured, it was a brass surface that was electroplated with a thin coating of gold. Once electroplated, manufacturers applied a clear lacquer coat for protection.

Call the department of public works or recycling center in your area

When you call, ask about recycling plumbing fixtures in your city. Some cities will take pieces with regular recycling. However, other cities may have you wait until a collection day. You might also have the option to drop off pieces at a recycling center.

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