How To Maintain Large Commercial HVAC Systems

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019
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Every HVAC system needs regular maintenance and inspections, including large commercial systems. Taking care of your equipment ensures that your property stays comfortable and that your tenants and customers are happy. The following are some basic tips for maintaining your commercial HVAC system.

Change the filters

Changing HVAC filters is one of the most basics steps you can take in equipment maintenance. This is something that many property owners can actually do, depending upon that type of system. Some do need a professional technician, so be sure to ask your commercial HVAC company for their recommendation.

You may be wondering how often you should change your HVAC filters. This depends on a few factors, including the type of system you use, the types of filters, and the environment where the unit is placed.

Take care of your ductwork

The ductwork in commercial buildings is different than that found in residential properties. It is larger and more heavy-duty, but still requires regular cleaning. Cleaning the ducts every one to two years is a great way to keep your system running well and make the air it circulates healthier.

Clean the coils

There are many smaller parts of your commercial HVAC system that need to be maintained by professionals too. These include the condenser and evaporator coils. The components can accumulate mold, dirt, and grime, making them deteriorate quickly. You may need to replace them once or twice a year if they stay dirty. Cleaning the coils results in less maintenance and a more efficient system.

Clean and adjust the dampers

The dampers are also components that should be cleaned and maintained by your HVAC company. The dampers are known for breaking down and are some of the most important pieces in your system. They keep the compressor going when the outdoor temperature is less than sixty degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling process can stop if the dampers are not cleaned and adjusted.

Create a commercial HVAC maintenance schedule

Taking care of your equipment is easier when you set up a schedule with your HVAC maintenance and repair company. These professionals will come to your property at certain times during the year based on your needs and your system. They will inspect and repair the entire system, including all of the items mentioned above. Here some tips to remember when setting up your maintenance schedule.

  1. Every HVAC system and commercial building is different. Customize your schedule for optimum efficiency.
  2. Seasonal changes bring different issues, like leaf litter build-up in the fall or frozen coils in the summer.
  3. Your maintenance schedule should include everything that is needed to keep your system running, including checking for ductwork obstructions and making sure the thermostat works.
  4. Your HVAC repair company should be familiar with your system, so remember to keep your scheduled appointments so they can keep a record of all the work done.

Commercial HVAC maintenance in Amarillo, Texas

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