How To Bleed Plumbing Pipes

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

In plumbing systems, air can get trapped in the top part of the pipes. Water moves past these air pockets, creating small bubbles. This action can cause loud vibrating or ticking noises. In worse cases, the air pressure can cause water to shoot from the faucets. This trapped air can even cause loud thumping sounds when the water is turned on. To remove the air as well as get rid of any noises, you should know how to bleed plumbing pipes. In some cases this process can be completed without opening a pipe. However, in others you will need to open a plumbing pipe to release the trapped air.

How to bleed plumbing pipes without opening a pipe

Turning on every faucet inside your house will increase the speed of the water that flows through the plumbing pipes. If this process doesn’t get rid of the trapped air, you can take it a step further. With all of the faucets still on, flush each toilet in your home several times. This last step can push out trapped air that is in your toilet supply lines.

Turn off each faucet after any sputtering has completely stopped and the water pressure steadies. Locate the faucet nearest to the main water supply in your home and turn it off. You can then start turning off each faucet in order moving further away from the first faucet. For toilets, you need to flush it when you get to that room, and wait about two minutes before you turn off the next faucet.

How to bleed plumbing pipes by opening a pipe

If there is still trapped air in your plumbing pipes, the next step is to open a pipe. Before you begin this process, you will need a tee joint with a half-inch valve, a hacksaw, and a pipe-joint compound.

First, you will need to find the top point in your plumbing system. Next, shut off the main supply of water to the house. Then, turn on a faucet to remove any water from the lines. Leave this faucet on. After this step, use the hacksaw to cut the pipe that is nearest to the top point in your plumbing system. Using the half-inch valve, install a tee joint and secure both ends with pipe-joint compound.

Then, you can turn the faucet off and the main water supply can be turned back on. Next, slowly open the valve. This valve will let the air escape followed by a spurt of water. Lastly, plug the valve outlet. This last step should get rid of any trapped air from within the plumbing system.

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