How Long Does Commercial HVAC Installation Usually Take?

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018
commercial HVAC installation in Amarillo, TX

One of the biggest obstacles to installing a commercial HVAC system in your building is the concern it could slow or stop your operations. This is an understandable misconception. There are some unethical companies out there that will slow work down to try and make more money.

You can expect a good commercial HVAC company to keep the impact on your business operations small. No company can guarantee that you won’t experience any slowdown in business. However, most installations take one day to a week, depending on your specific building’s needs. The following can help you understand HVAC installation timelines a little better before choosing to hire a company.

How to know you can trust your HVAC company with the installation

During the inspection of your building and the bid process, the commercial HVAC company will give you plan, schedule, and list of expected issues before installing your new system. So, you should be going into the process prepared. This will allow you to minimize the impact on your operations. After the inspection, you should have an idea of the time estimate and cost as well.

The one time you can expect a slowdown is if the technicians need to install ductwork. Other common issues you can expect to see are problems accessing your building’s furnace, drilling through concrete walls, and electrical issues. Many of these can be foreseen during the inspection phase, but not everything. Some issues are discovered during the installation. Either way, these problems should not be so serious as to derail the project.

What the company will look at to determine a time estimate

If you ask a commercial HVAC company exactly how long it will take to finish an installation, they should tell you that it depends. A trustworthy company will know that your business is unique and will consider many factors.

These factors include the size of your building, which is especially important when installing ductwork. The larger the building, the more time it will take. If you would like your unit or units to be placed in a more accessible area, this will take less time. But, if the HVAC units need to be installed in hard-to-reach places, the technicians may need more time. If you need a large commercial or industrial unit, the company may have to hire a crane company for help in placing the unit.

They must also consider the type of installation you would like. A change out takes less time than a full installation because you are only replacing certain parts or a single unit. Installing a completely new system will take longer if you need new ductwork, wiring, or multiple units. Other factors to consider include the type of system you are purchasing, because smaller units usually do not require as much labor to install.

Commercial HVAC installation in the Texas Panhandle

At Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical Inc. in Amarillo, Texas, our professionals can inspect your building and give you an estimate on your specific installation needs. You can be confident that we will work hard to install your HVAC system with as little disruption to your business as possible. Once we begin work, we will provide you with updates on our progress, keep you informed of any issues, and provide you with solutions in the event problems arise.

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