How A Zoned HVAC System Can Benefit Your Business

Friday, March 30th, 2018
how your business can benefit from using a zoned HVAC system

Zoned HVAC systems can save you money because they are more energy efficient than standard commercial HVAC systems. Zoned systems allow you to control your cooling and heating needs as you or your staff see fit, without having to buy multiple units. It is like having several units, rather than a single one, servicing your entire building.

Zoned HVAC systems are best for multi-unit buildings like commercial or business parks because they can cool areas in different settings throughout the day. Zoned systems work especially well in buildings that face west because the front of the building may become too hot due to the sun. They work by dividing a building into individual zones which can be heated or cooled depending upon specific needs. The following can help you decide if a zoned HVAC system is right for your heating and cooling needs.

How zoned HVAC systems work

Zoned HVAC systems work the same as regular refrigerant units with a few small additions. First, dampers are installed in the ductwork, with at least one for each room. The dampers can open and close the duct, depending on a person’s preference for the room temperature. The dampers are operated by a control panel which is connected to the HVAC system. Second, there is at least one temperature controller installed in each zone, or room, to allow occupants to control their individual settings.

Potential issues with zoned HVAC

Like any system, there are potential downsides to using a zoned HVAC system in your business. If the system isn’t installed properly, it could result in some serious issues for your building. Zoned HVAC systems use more parts than regular systems, which means more potential breakdown points. However, through regular inspections and maintenance, you can avoid any serious breakdowns in the system. Additionally, the savings from your electricity bills will more than make up for any increased inspection and servicing costs.

How to get a zoned HVAC system for your business

The spring season is a prime-time for service companies because many businesses are preparing for the warmer weather before it gets hot. If you are interested in installing a zoned HVAC system in your business, contact a professional technician in your area.

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