Finding The Best Commercial HVAC Contractor

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Finding the best commercial HVAC contractor is important for any business, especially if an HVAC system needs immediate repairs. If your commercial system has never needed repairs, you may find yourself scrambling to find the best contractor for your needs. It is important to know how to the find the best commercial HVAC contractor, before the system breaks down. Finding the best commercial HVAC contractor for major repairs is also important.

How to find the best commercial HVAC contractor

When searching for a commercial HVAC contractor, it is important follow some guidelines so you can find the best company and stay in budget.

Don’t automatically go with the first company who picks up the phone. Some HVAC contractors charge more for emergency calls, so choosing the first one that answers could cost you significantly more than repairs should. Remember, there are several commercial HVAC contractors out there. Unless your business is in the middle of nowhere, you typically have many options. Call at least three or four commercial HVAC contractors to see what they will charge for the inspection and repair evaluation. You should also ask about hourly rates for repair calls.

Ask each company about insurance, bonding, and licensing. Insurance protects you in case the contractor does damage to your property or one of their technicians gets hurt on the job. Bonding protects you if the company fails to complete the job as contracted. Licensing shows the company has met local regulations for HVAC contractors. Don’t hire a contractor who is unwilling to show current proof of all three of these qualifications.

Once you have followed these guidelines, you can bring out the best commercial HVAC contractor to evaluate the problem. When the evaluation is completed, you may decide to let the company do minor repairs, although major repairs may be necessary.

Finding the best commercial HVAC contractor for major repairs

If the issue with the commercial HVAC system ends up being major, you should take further action. Get bids from more than one commercial HVAC contractor. If the company you call to evaluate the problem says that you need a major repair, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Although this company may actually be the best one for the job, it is best to seek other opinions before making a final decision. Get evaluations and estimates from at least two other commercial HVAC contractors so you can choose the best one for your HVAC system.

Be sure to check out all of the contractors you call. Ask each company for references when they deliver their bids. Call each reference and verify the quality of work done. Look for online reviews from former customers and ask your other businesses if they have had any experience with the contractors you are interested in hiring. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the HVAC contractors have had any negative reports.

Don’t use the lowest price as your only deciding factor for choosing a contractor. It is understandable that you want to keep costs down, but be sure that quality repair work will be done on your HVAC system. Compare the bids you get to verify they are for the same work and that they come with the same guarantee or warranty. Once you verify each bid and each contractor, you will be in a better position to hire one to make repairs to your commercial HVAC system.

If your commercial HVAC system is in need of repairs, call the experts at Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical Inc. in Amarillo, Texas. Our technicians have the experience and equipment needed to repair your HVAC system professionally and in a timely manner. You can reach us at (806) 376-8345 or Contact Us by email for more information about our services.