Drain Cleaning With A High-Pressure Water Jet System

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

In the past, drain cleaning meant completely digging up the buried plumbing pipes and physically removing debris and obstructions. Times have changed and taking those types of measures is no longer necessary for drain cleaning. A high-pressure water jet system can accomplish the same results by using nothing more than a steady stream of water to remove blockages in plumbing.

It is imperative to hire professional plumbers that know how to properly use a high-pressure water jet system to clean your drains. These systems are very powerful and improper usage can seriously damage pipes and property. High-pressure water jets can also cause serious physical harm, so it is best to leave drain cleaning to professional plumbers that have training and expertise.

The drain cleaning process using a high-pressure water jet system

First, it is necessary to completely insert the tip of the high-pressure water jet system into the plumbing before the pressure is turned on. This step of the process ensures that water does not spray outside the drain. Once the jet is in place, a highly pressurized stream of water is pumped through the forward and reverse jets. These jets provide 360 degree coverage that easily removes debris from the plumbing.

Frequency of drain cleaning with a high-pressure water jet system

One or two annual cleanings of the branch lines and main line is usually sufficient for most businesses. Naturally, the frequency of drain cleaning will depend on the type of business and the materials being flushed into the plumbing on a regular basis. The more frequently the drains are cleaned, the more effective the drainage systems will be. To determine frequency, speak with a drain cleaning professional as they have the expertise and experience to work on commercial plumbing. Working with professional plumbers to set a schedule is the most efficient method of keeping your plumbing clean throughout the year.

The benefits of drain cleaning with a high-pressure water jet system

While drain cleaning snakes are commonly used to remove blockages within underground pipes, they are not as effective at removing layers of grease, sludge, and sediment. A high-pressure water jet is highly effective at removing these obstructions, as well as scale from footer drains, restaurant sewer lines, and industrial pipes.

Using a high-pressure water jet system is a simple and effective drain cleaning method. It takes little time to set up the system and to thoroughly clean the drain pipes once everything is in place. This efficiency means minimal disruption to your business and your customers. Drain cleaning is cost-effective and proper drain maintenance can reduce the possibility of clogged pipes. One of the most important benefits is that a clean drain is easy to inspect. If serious problems exist in your plumbing, they can be easily spotted and a repair solution can be implemented.

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