Drain Cleaning Methods To Remove Clogs

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Drain cleaning is one of the most important plumbing services that can protect your home from the damage leaking water and clogs can cause. While most blockages can be cleared with a simple plunger, some require professional equipment and chemical drain cleaners to remove. It is important to understand common clogs and major clogs, and how drain cleaning services can remove them.

Common clogs that require drain cleaning

Most clogs are caused by common problems such as using too much toilet paper, or cloth products that should not be in the plumbing system. These blockages can usually be cleared by using a household plunger until the pressure within the pipes pushes the clog through. Using a plunger is highly effective for removing mild clogs and repairing minor back-ups. Often, common clogs take only a few minutes to remove with this drain cleaning method.

If using a plunger fails to clear the clog, it may be necessary to apply a chemical sink or drain cleaner to remove it. These cleaners can either be eco-friendly, using enzymes and other materials, or entirely made from chemicals. Both chemical and natural cleaners can be effective in removing clogs if used properly.

More serious blockages can often be caused by hair or other biological matter stopping water flow in the drain system. Chemical cleaners effectively dissolve the solid matter, making it more soluble and allowing it to pass through the plumbing pipes. After allowing the cleaner to sit within the drain for a period of time, using a plunger is often enough to remove slightly serious clogs.

Major clogs that require drain cleaning

Major clogs are often caused by the introduction of foreign objects into the plumbing system, like toy cars or dolls. It can be tough to determine what form of drain cleaning is necessary for major clogs, because it is difficult to determine their cause. If you’ve been unsuccessful removing a blockage with a plunger or chemical drain cleaner, it’s likely that the clog is major. Most major clogs cannot be dissolved and will have to be removed in order for the drain to flow properly. Major clogs are best left to a licensed professional plumber who can perform a diagnostic test to determine the cause of the problem. Plumbers with drain cleaning experience will know how to remove the clog without damaging your plumbing or causing leaks in the process.

Many times, plumbers can “snake” the drain. This process involves inserting a long piece of metallic coil into the drain to grasp the material and push or pull it out. Most of the time, plumbers can use a snake tool to effectively remove blockages and clean drains. However, plumbing snakes are only so long, so a small fraction of clogs can’t be removed by using this method. You can speak with your plumber to see if there are other drain cleaning options available if a clog cannot be removed with the snaking method.

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