Critical Electrical Safety Tips Every Property Owner Needs to Know

Monday, February 20th, 2023
electrical safety tips

Creating a safe and comfortable environment in the workplace starts with understanding important electrical safety tips. Electrical systems are extremely powerful and have the potential to cause severe damage. If you own an industrial or commercial property, keep reading to learn about essential safety tips.

Be Cautious of Working with Electrical Lines Above You

When working at tall heights, always look around and take note of electrical lines. Some workers climbing trees and ladders can come in contact with a power line if they’re not careful. Stay safe by keeping a distance of ten feet or more from exposed electrical work. 

Say Safe by Following Lockout and Tagout Policies

Electrical systems with exposed or loose wires must be off before any employees can perform work on them. This is for the safety of the person working on them and to avoid shock. You must lock and tag out the system properly, but every company has different policies to follow.

Lockouts and tagouts save lives and prevent injuries every year. These programs shut down equipment that could release harmful energy or flows of electricity while someone works on them. It makes maintenance, repair, or other tasks safer for anyone involved with the job. 

Post Visible Warning Signs Throughout the Premises

High voltage areas of any kind need an indication to make people aware. Warning signs need to be clear, visible, and understandable for anyone who passes by or works in the space. You should also include physical barriers to block off areas when someone is performing electrical work. 

Use Protective Equipment & Clothing

Keep yourself and others safe by wearing clothing that protects your hands, face, and feet. In addition, ensure you and your employees have the proper equipment before starting a project. Utilizing safety equipment and clothing during work is one of the most important electrical safety tips.

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