What Components Do You Need In An Efficient Boiler?

Friday, November 3rd, 2017
the benefits of industrial boiler maintenance with allen's tri-state mechanical

Businesses and industrial facilities rely on industrial boilers to stay operational. It may seem like the bigger the boiler is, the more it costs, but this is not always true. Efficient industrial boilers can save you from long downtimes and save money in operational and maintenance costs. Modern boilers provide more power at lower costs, by combining numerous systems and parts into one system. Each of these parts plays a critical role, and if one is not working correctly, your industrial boiler can lose efficiency and cost you money.

Efficient industrial boilers

There are many different types of boilers, but the most efficient type is the firetube. Firetube boilers achieve efficiency through the use of high-quality tubes, which results in a larger surface area for heating per boiler. Therefore, more heat transfer occurs, increasing efficiency. Firetube boilers are designed with maintenance in mind, so you can reach most parts easily and keep repair costs down.

Boiler passes

More efficient industrial boilers are designed to use hot gas to transfer heat into the water. Boiler passes are components that perform this heat transfer. The more passes, the more efficient the boiler, because they result in more opportunities for heat to transfer. For example, a 4-pass boiler will have greater efficiency than a 2-pass or even 3-pass system, regardless of the other design features. In short, if you want efficiency, prioritize the number of boiler passes in your system.


A burner initiates combustion within your industrial boiler and is the key to the entire machine. This component ignites fuel to create heat that is transferred throughout the entire system. Newer industrial boilers will have a burner that is designed to fit and work within the unit for smooth performance. Make sure you select the right burner package for your boiler, and remember that newer systems are paired with burner packages.

Good heat surface

Boilers that occupy smaller heat surfaces, but generate the same power and heat as larger models are more efficient. Modern industrial boilers are compact and designed with the placement of passes and feedwater in mind. The smaller the unit, the less the water has to travel, and the more efficient the boiler becomes.

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