Commercial Lighting Tips You Should Know About

Monday, June 8th, 2020
commercial lighting

There is more to commercial lighting systems than simply illuminating an area. Some factors you should consider about your lights, whether you are upgrading or getting new installation services, include quality, color, and cost.

The quality of your commercial lighting matters

As with any investment, you must make sure you are getting the highest quality possible. When it comes to lighting, low quality means flickering and noisy lights or poor installation. Making sure you have high-quality lighting that is installed properly can increase productivity and save you money in the long run.

Color temperature is important

This is a factor that isn’t often considered. The temperature of the light color can affect productivity, focus, and more. For example, office employees have a hard time working if the color temperature is too warm. Cool lighting is better for focusing on tasks and displaying items. The best color temperature mimics natural light.

Cost and energy efficiency can be achieved

These are two things that businesses should want to achieve as much as possible. For lighting, this means upgrading or changing what you can at an acceptable cost. Many commercial properties switch to LED lighting, for example. This is a more energy-efficient choice and can help you save money.

Reducing your commercial lighting costs

Commercial electricians can repair and install your lighting, but they can also help you save money. Here are some ways you can reduce your lighting costs.

  • Use more natural light. This can be done by using the windows you already have. You can use fewer coverings and tint the windows. There are also options available that mimic natural light.
  • Change the bulbs. This is as simple as changing all the lights to LED bulbs. Although the cost may seem high, it will save you money in the long run. You can start by switching the lights that have the biggest impact on your budget. From there, you can work with your electrician on a schedule to replace the other bulbs.
  • Use remote accessibility. Modern technology has made it possible to remotely control your lighting system from anywhere. If your staff has trouble remembering to turn off the lights, this can help significantly.
  • Consider motion detectors. Using these in areas that aren’t often accessed can help you save money.
  • Don’t use lights that are too high. The higher the lighting, the more bulbs you will need. Speak with your electrician about your concerns if you think your lights are located too high.

Do you need help with your commercial lighting?

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