Commercial HVAC Design Tips For Modern Offices

Monday, May 31st, 2021
modern office with people in a meeting

When you think of what an office building looks like, you think of private offices along the walls, and cubicles in the center of the space. Over the years, office buildings have become more modern, giving these spaces more of an open feel. Something important to note when transforming your office space is to also change the HVAC system design. Any changes to your commercial HVAC system should always be one of the first steps when building or renovating a space.

1. Design to Save Energy and Money

Because commercial HVAC systems are the biggest energy consumer in the office (besides computer equipment), it helps to design your space in a way that decreases HVAC loads. Doing this will save energy and money. One way to save is to make sure your walls, windows, and floors are well insulated. Another design tip for saving energy in your office is to add more windows with low-e glass to allow more daylight. Not only does more daylight benefit your health and well-being, but it will also reduce how much heat is used in the building during the winter, and the use of low-e glass will help prevent cooling loads from increasing in the summer.

2. Include Zones and Sensors

Not every space in an office will have the same heating and cooling requirements. When designing your commercial HVAC system for your building, you should consider having multiple zones so you can control each one differently if needed. For example, spaces next to windows might require different temperatures than spaces in the middle of the building. Having zones is the easiest way to ensure comfort, as well as energy efficiency.

In most modern offices today, sensor technology is being used. Both light sensors and occupancy sensors can be hooked up to the HVAC system design for easier use. Light sensors can detect the amount of light in the room and adjust when necessary. Occupancy sensors increase and decrease the amount of cooling in the room based on the room’s size. For example, if a large meeting room is being used, the cooling will increase.

3. Ventilation

When deciding which HVAC design system is right for your office, you want to make sure that it checks all of the boxes. Many factors are important for the wellbeing and productivity of those in the office including thermal comfort, getting rid of odors, controlling humidity, and making sure dust, bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other contaminants are being removed. Upgrading or updating your ductwork and ventilation system will help to do all of these things.

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