Clearing Slow Drains In Your Home Or Business

Thursday, April 27th, 2017
residential plumbing services Amarillo

Having to clear a slow drain is an inconvenience and a headache, but this is an important step in maintaining your plumbing system. Bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and shower drains often drain slowly because of hair and debris buildup. You should take action as soon as you notice your drains starting to act slow. You may be able to fix the issue before it becomes a serious problem. Here are some tips on clearing slow drains.

Simple fixes for slow drains

If you have a slow drain in a sink, shower, or bathtub, the problem can often be fixed by removing the stopper and any buildup. A buildup of hair can be removed using a pair of needle nose pliers. If you must, bend a hanger and catch the hair and gunk by forming a hook shape at the end of the hanger. This is an effective tool for removing hair and soap clogs. After removing debris, run hot water down the drain for a few minutes. If this simple fix does not work, you may need to call a plumbing professional for further assistance.

When a slow drain indicates a more serious problem

Slow drains can be an indicator of a larger problem in a home or commercial plumbing system. If all of your drains are slow, it may be time to call a local plumbing company. A plumber can use a pipe snake or even a high pressure hydro jet system to clear drains in commercial properties. A slow draining main line can become clogged at any time. If you notice a bad smell or gurgling sound when you use a faucet, your main drain line should be looked at by a professional plumber as soon as possible. If the main line becomes clogged, you will be left without a plumbing system. Your home or business can even become flooded if the lines back up.

Getting the help you need to deal with slow drains

Slow drains are an annoyance that can lead to bigger problems. If you are experiencing slow drains, contact Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical Inc. in Amarillo, Texas today. We are available 24/7 for any residential or commercial plumbing job you may have. You can call us at (806) 376-8345 or Contact Us by email for more information about the services we provide or to request references. You can also visit us in person at 404 S Hayden in Amarillo to learn more about how our professional plumbers can help you.