Choosing Check Valve Repair Instead Of Valve Replacement

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Your maintenance team should explore several options when faced with the decision to replace or repair a check valve. Replacement can be costly for a number of reasons. New valves are expensive and typically have a long lead time. Removing the valve and replacing it can amount to high labor and equipment costs. The process of replacement may also include an extensive examination and a pre/post-weld heat treatment. Despite the cost of this service, it is sometimes necessary to choose valve replacement. The following will go over some alternatives to replacing check valves if the option is available to you.

Alternative options for valve replacement

Check valves typically have a welded, integral seat that is located in a valve throat and set at a 30-degree angle. The design makes repairing the seating surface nearly impossible using tooling and machines. The lack of proper equipment to make this repair has left many with only one option – replacement. Custom tooling, techniques, and procedures must be used to remove and replace the check valve seat.

Special tooling allows personnel to perform successful seat replacements on check valves, ranging from 12-inch NPS to 50-inch NPS. A number of new techniques, along with traditional valve repair practices, are able to provide you with a refurbished valve. Using these techniques allows for less time and fewer expenses than a full replacement. Routine maintenance and inspection is essential in keeping check valves in working order.

The importance of maintaining check valves

A carefully planned maintenance schedule is essential to properly functioning and long-lasting check valves. First, you should schedule routine inspections for condition. These inspections should be thoroughly documented. A technician can perform non-destructive examinations of the valve seating and base metal components.

The condition of the seating surface should be maintained using modern repair processes, such as those discussed above. Worn valve components should be replaced once they are discovered through inspection. If you must replace your check valves, contact the equipment manufacturer for valve recommendations.

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