Busted! 4 Commercial Plumbing Myths And The Truths Behind Them

Friday, July 9th, 2021
water dripping from a faucet

Commercial plumbing and residential plumbing both involve pipes and fixtures, but commercial takes longer and can be more complicated. There are more fixtures and floors that plumbers have to cover at schools, airports, and businesses than there are at houses. If you own a building or business, here are a few myths about commercial plumbing that you should look out for.

Myth #1: Any Plumber Can Do Any Plumbing Job

Although plumbers are trained in plumbing skills, that doesn’t mean every plumber can do everything. Just like other industries, there are specialties in plumbing. Some plumbers might specialize in residential plumbing instead of commercial, so it wouldn’t be the best idea to hire them if you own a business. The only way to guarantee you get the best service is to make sure the person you’re hiring for the job is qualified for the type of work you need to be done.

Myth #2: Building Maintenance Handles Plumbing Issues

Building maintenance workers can do just about anything, and depending on the business, they can do simple plumbing work as well. For example, some apartment complex maintenance workers might help you unclog your drain or fix your sink, but when it comes to something bigger, that’s when plumbers are called in. Not all maintenance workers are trained to handle plumbing emergencies, so once a problem is identified, they call a plumber.

Myth #3: You Shouldn’t Worry About Slow Leaks

Oftentimes, when sinks have a dripping leak, most people don’t think it’s a problem and leave it alone. When your sink drips, it might not seem like a lot of water is being wasted, but it adds up and will cause your water bill to increase. Not fixing your sink when it is dripping can cause wear and tear on your faucet and fixtures too, and make the issue that caused the leak in the first place ten times worse. In commercial buildings, a leak is a big deal and could lead to bigger problems. So, it’s better to get it fixed right when you first notice it. 

Myth #4: Toilet Tabs Are Great For Your Toilets

In some commercial buildings, the cleaning crew will use bleach toilet tabs to keep everything fresh. The high concentration of bleach in the tabs can destroy the inside of the toilet and eventually mess up the plumbing system as a whole. No one likes to use a bathroom that isn’t fresh, but toilet tabs are not what you should be using. Instead, the toilets should be cleaned with a bleach cleaner that should only sit on the surface for a few minutes. 

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