Advantages of Commercial Hydro Excavation Over Traditional Methods

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023
Hydro Excavation truck

Commercial hydro excavation is a digging technique that uses high-pressure water to break up dirt and debris. A professional then uses a special vacuum to remove the dirt, leaving the area ready for construction and other projects. Read on to see why your next commercial project should use hydro excavation.

It’s Faster

Hydro excavation saves a lot of time over traditional digging methods by significantly cutting down on transportation. The vacuum simply sucks up the dirt and stores it in the truck’s tank. In some cases, hydro excavation can take one-third the time of traditional digging methods.

It Requires Less Labor

Traditional digging methods require extensive manual labor and multiple machines like backhoes, dump trucks, and shovels. Using pressurized water, a vacuum, and a large tank attached to the truck, hydro excavation accomplishes the same tasks much more efficiently.

In general, hydro excavation reduces your required labor force by half. Less labor means lower costs, fewer liabilities, and faster completion.

It Allows for Greater Precision

In some areas, underground utilities or tight spaces make traditional digging difficult or unlawful. Commercial hydro excavation can focus the water into a tighter stream, allowing greater precision than a shovel or backhoe. 

By relying on hydro excavation, you more easily avoid compliance issues or potentially expensive damages to existing structures.

It’s Safer

In addition to posing less risk to existing features, hydro excavation boasts a variety of safety enhancements, including the following:

  • Less heavy equipment reduces the overall chance of injury, and fewer laborers mean less human error.
  • The vacuum ensures less risk from falling debris and makes specialized jobs such as digging through ice much safer.
  • There is no risk of proximity with hydro excavation. The workers remain at a safe distance from the equipment.

Besides preventing injury, what are the benefits of increased safety?

  • You’ll experience reduced service interruptions. When you damage existing infrastructure or deal with employee injuries, you interrupt your production. Fewer injuries and less damage mean less downtime and money spent on repairs and employee compensation. 

Hydro Excavation Services in Amarillo 

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