Adjustments To Make On Your Refrigeration System This Winter

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018
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You probably think that summer is the hardest season on your walk-in refrigeration units and sometimes it is. But, don’t overlook the fact that winter is equally as difficult for your equipment. In fact, if temperatures drop too much, it can cause your walk-in to freeze up, damaging your food or other products. Needless to say, do not skip inspecting and repairing your walk-in refrigeration system this winter.

Pressure issues

Unexpected temperature drops can cause your walk-in cooler or freezer to stop working. When the temperature lowers, the pressure control cycles of outdoor units prevent the evaporator from freezing. However, if your food freezes, it could be an indication that the pressure control unit is malfunctioning. You may want to try to fix it yourself, but the best solution is to call a professional. You can also install a thermostat to help the pressure control unit remain operational.

Coils and condenser issues

Like the evaporator mentioned above, the coils and condensers also need to work in order for your walk-in to remain operational. Your condenser needs to be situated in a place where it can get adequate ventilation as well. Ventilation is critical to ensuring that your condenser can vent heat effectively. Your condenser generates heat and needs a place to send it.

Check the shell

The shell refers to the door and other outer parts that store your walk-in refrigeration unit. While the internal components are crucial, the shell is also very important. Check for cracks, damage, or leaks. If you see any, you should patch them up or replace the damaged section. If your freezer is losing heat due to cracks, it is forcing the internal components to work harder and to cycle on and off more frequently. This drives up your electricity bill and causes more wear and tear, resulting in higher maintenance costs.

Regular maintenance

Most of these issues can be spotted and corrected through regular inspections and maintenance. You should also take the opportunity to check door seals, compressors, and other components to make sure they are operating correctly. Taking care of maintenance throughout the year can help you prevent issues during the winter. But, if you have issues with your refrigeration system in the winter, a professional commercial kitchen maintenance company can help.

Commercial kitchen repair and maintenance in Amarillo

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