About Commercial Cooking Equipment

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

The equipment that goes into a commercial kitchen is different than the equipment that goes into a home kitchen. Commercial cooking equipment is built to withstand the demands of restaurants and catering companies. This equipment has high-quality features designed to make usage and maintenance easy. There are many common types of commercial cooking equipment available, as well as specialized commercial cooking equipment.

Common commercial cooking equipment

Equipping a restaurant kitchen means installing larger and stronger cooking equipment. This equipment performs the basic functions that most restaurants need.

Ranges come in either electric or gas models. Most commercial kitchens prefer the gas range, mainly for its ability to produce heat quickly and to control it at a fine level. The smallest range comes with four burners, although models are available with eight or twelve burners.

Flat tops and griddles can be integrated into commercial ranges, or be a part of a stand-alone unit. Flat tops are used for many purposes, including to cook hamburgers, fry eggs, and toast bread. Griddles are often used to give a grill flavor and appearance to foods cooked in a kitchen.

Ovens are often integrated into the lower part of commercial ranges, although they can also be purchased as stand-alone units. Like ranges, stand-alone ovens are available in gas or electric models. The number of ovens and their size depends completely on the menu of a particular business.

A deep fryer is another essential type of commercial cooking equipment found in many restaurants. These fryers can use either electricity or gas to heat oil. Commercial fryers are stronger than household fryers and are able to recover quickly between frying cycles. One feature many restaurant owners and managers look for in a fryer is ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Freezers and refrigerators keep raw ingredients and previously prepared dishes cold until needed in the kitchen. Most restaurants and large catering operations use walk-in models, although stand-alone models are also available. Most models are dedicated to either refrigeration or freezing, but not both functions.

Food bars keep garnishes and sides at appropriate temperatures until they are added to a final dish. Food bars come in either hot or cold versions, depending on a kitchen’s particular needs. Many commercial kitchens have at least one of each of this commercial cooking equipment.

Heated cabinets are used to keep hot dishes at appropriate temperatures until served. This type of commercial cooking equipment is used quite often in large restaurants or by catering companies.

Mixing equipment is quite common in kitchens with a lot of baking needs. Commercial mixers are usually stand-alone units with interchangeable paddles and blades. In very large kitchens, it is common to have two or more mixers.

Commercial dishwashing equipment cleans and sanitizes dishes used within the kitchen, as well as those that come back from the dining area. This equipment can be used throughout the day and is built to run consecutive cycles.

Specialized commercial cooking equipment

Besides basic commercial cooking equipment, many kitchens use specialized equipment for certain dishes. Commercial toasters are great for operations where a lot of sandwiches are created. Waffle and crepe machines work well in kitchens that serve breakfast items. Pizza ovens are specially designed to cook pizzas with crispy crusts, without overcooking the toppings.

Every commercial kitchen needs cooking equipment that is properly installed and maintained to ensure long lasting and efficient performance. If you need help with installation, maintenance, or repair of your commercial cooking equipment, contact the experts at Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical Inc. in Amarillo, Texas. We have decades of experience installing and maintaining most types of commercial cooking equipment. Call us today at (806) 376-8345 or Contact Us by email for more information about our services. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.