8 Common Commercial Air Conditioning Issues That Need Repair

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
prepare your air conditioner for summer

Commercial air conditioners prove their worth in the summer by keeping your buildings cool and your tenants happy. Your commercial air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance so it will not break down. If you’re experiencing issues with your HVAC unit, one of the eight following common issues could be the cause.

1. Inconsistent air conditioning

Do your tenants or employees complain that the air temperature is inconsistent? A common complaint of inconsistent air conditioning is that it is too hot or even too cold. Based on what your employees or tenants are saying, you may need to schedule maintenance or repair.

A leak in your ductwork or a faulty thermostat are two common reasons for inconsistent cooling. A simple inspection should be able to determine if the thermostat is functional. However, ductwork leaks can also cause this issue and will be a bit more complex to inspect and repair.

2. Damaged rooftop units

Most commercial air conditioning units are installed on the roof of a building. Rooftop units can become damaged due to severe weather or by the sun heating them up throughout the day. High winds can also cause problems by blowing dust and dirt into the unit. Changes in airflow or temperature could be indicators that the internal cabinet of your rooftop unit is damaged. These commercial air conditioning units should be inspected every few months for damage or debris.

3. Ventilation issues

Ventilation issues can cause your commercial HVAC unit to overheat or malfunction during summer use. For instance, your vents may not be properly set-up, or they could be blocked by debris. You can address most ventilation issues with a walk-through inspection of the unit, although it may help to have a professional HVAC technician conduct the inspection.

4. Clogged drain lines

Your commercial air conditioner generates moisture which is then moved through the drain lines. Just like a clogged toilet or sink, the AC unit drain lines can become clogged and stop working properly. When you inspect your ventilation, you should also look at your drain lines and clear any debris.

5. Strange noises

If you hear a noise that is new or different from regular noises the unit makes, you should contact a commercial air conditioning repair professional. Just like with your car, your HVAC system should not be making any strange or new noises. These could be an indication of serious mechanical problems in the unit.

6. Blown fuses

If your commercial AC system suddenly shuts off, that could indicate that it is overheating. You should check your circuit breaker for blown fuses. You can also call a local HVAC repair company to diagnose and fix the problem for you.

7. Burned capacitors

Most commercial air conditioning issues can be prevented with regular inspections and maintenance. However, a burned capacitor can be caused by several factors, including weather damage, overheating, or damaged parts. If your capacitor is blown, there is nothing you can do except replace it.

8. Capacity issues

Finally, if you engage in regular maintenance and can’t find anything wrong, that could indicate a capacity problem. Commercial air conditioning systems are designed to cool specific spaces based on size. Capacity problems can be a result of your AC unit having excess or insufficient capacity for your building. If you’re experiencing capacity problems due to your system’s size, it is recommended to either upgrade or downgrade to meet capacity needs.

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