7 Signs That You Should Call A Professional For Water Leak Detection

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Water leaks are common, but they often go undetected. Undetected leaks in your plumbing can do damage and end up costing you a lot of money. It is best to find drips before they cause major problems. There are many signs that you should call a professional plumbing company for water leak detection. These signs include having a constantly wet yard, a high water bill, and hearing water running when you shouldn’t. Other signs of a leak to be aware of are having an inconsistent water meter reading, water spots, a musty smell, or mold.

A constantly wet yard could be a sign of a leak

If there is an area of your yard that never seems to dry up, you may have a leak. Most of the time, your yard will not get rain for several days or weeks. A lack of rain allows the ground to dry up, but if one section of your yard never dries, a drip could be the culprit. Another leak indicator is having one area of the yard that is always lush and green while the rest struggles to survive. A leak in the plumbing system may be feeding the plants and grass in that green area.

A high water bill indicates a possible leak

If your water bill is increasing for no apparent reason, you probably have a leak that requires calling a professional plumbing company for detection. Most property owners can predict with some certainty what their bills should be each month. If your bill suddenly increases, and you do not know why, you likely have a hidden leak somewhere.

If you hear water running when you shouldn’t, you could have a leak

You might have a hidden leak if you hear water running, but there are no faucets open and no appliances running. Running water is a normal sound in most households. However, if you hear water running when there is no reason for it to be running, you may have a leak that requires professional detection.

If the water meter is reading inconsistently, there may be a leak

If the water meter is running but the water is not, you may have a leak in your plumbing. A simple test with the meter can confirm that you have a hidden leak. Turn off everything in the house that draws water. Go out to the meter to take a reading and wait an hour without drawing any water. Then, take a second reading of the meter. If the first reading has changed, then you have a leak somewhere.

Water spots are a sign of leaks

Damp spots with no apparent cause are another sign of hidden leaks that require professional detection. In active households, spills can be a daily occurrence. If you find a wet area where no spill has occurred, that may be the result of a drip. Keep an eye on the wet spot to see if you should call a professional plumbing company for water leak detection.

A musty smell means you could have a water leak

If you notice a musty smell, there may be a leak behind the wall or under the floor that is soaking the wood and building materials. The soaked materials can put off a musty smell. If you smell something stale, especially in one area, you should call a plumbing company for professional leak detection.

Mold indicates water leaks

You may have a water leak if you have mold in an unusual place. Bathrooms and other wet areas often have mold growth because of the moist conditions. Mold does not grow in dry areas or on dry materials. If you find mold in a dry area, call a professional to help detect the leak.

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