7 Common Commercial Electrical Problems You May Face

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
Commercial electrical equipment

Commercial buildings require complex wiring and electrical systems. This means that they are more prone to issues. This is why routine inspections and checks are necessary. Here are some of the most common commercial electrical problems you may face.

Flickering or dimming lights

Poor connections are the main cause of these issues. If you leave this issue for too long, it can result in permanent damage to your electrical systems. A professional electrician can inspect your property and find the cause of the flickering/dimming lights. They can then offer a solution and fix the issue for you.

Bulbs burning out too often

Whether you use fluorescent, halogen, or other types of lights, overuse can cause them to burn out. Your lights (and commercial electrical system as a whole) will need fine-tuning, repairs, and even replacement on a regular basis. Licensed electricians can look for any issues that may be causing your bulbs to burn out early and make sure everything is working normally.

Tripping breakers

When circuit breakers trip, it is typically caused by a short circuit, overload, or ground fault. It may seem like tripping breakers are only an inconvenience, but they can actually be a fire hazard. A commercial electrical service can help you find out if you need more circuits or an upgrade to your system. Fixing this issue should be left to professionals for safety purposes.

Dead outlets

Because most businesses rely on functioning electricity, if your property has dead outlets, it will lower productivity. Bad circuit connections or tripping breakers can cause outlets to function improperly. It could result in melting outlets and potentially fires, so contact an electrician as soon as you find a dead outlet.

Unprotected wiring

All wiring on your commercial property should be covered for safety to help keep your electrical system in good shape. If you have purchased a building, but aren’t sure that your wiring meets local codes, a commercial electrician can help.

Loose connections

Connections can become loose after renovations and repairs. They are a hazard because they can result in overheating and arcing, which can cause injuries and fires.

Poor installation

Improper installation of electrical systems can cause them to function poorly or result in dangerous situations. If your other systems aren’t installed the right way, like the HVAC/R or the plumbing, this can also cause problems with your commercial electrical.

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