6 Traits Of A Professional Plumber

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

If you are looking for a professional plumber, you should only hire the best in the business. A plumber should not only be well equipped for the job, they should treat each customer with respect. It is rather easy to recognize a professional after they have completed the job, but how can you judge their merits before hiring them? Here are six quality traits of a true plumbing professional.

Professional plumbers respect you and your time

Many plumbers will give you an estimate for when they will arrive at your home, but a professional should give a more precise time of arrival. In the world of plumbing, things may take longer than expected and a late arrival is not that unexpected. Although time estimates are common, a plumber should not show up hours after they said they would. If the plumber you hire calls when they are running late or planning to arrive early, that is a sign that they respect your time.

A plumber may need to spend one to eight hours working in your home. A professional will show respect for your residence by removing his shoes when entering your home or putting on plastic booties over his boots. The plumber will also be sure to protect anything that could be damaged as he does his work.

Experienced plumbers arrive prepared

Professionals will have the right tools on hand for most jobs. The project’s estimate and the plumber’s experience should dictate what is best to bring on the first day of the job. A complication may require the plumber to go for more tools, but most of what he needs to finish the job should be on hand.

Professional plumbers are proud to show credentials

A professional plumber should be happy to show that he is licensed, bonded, and insured. He should also be able to provide a list of references that can attest to the quality of his work. All of his documentation should be valid and current. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about documentation, as a professional should be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Your plumber should provide a clear estimate

Looking at the kind of estimate you receive is a one way to tell if a plumber is a true professional. The estimate should be detailed and clear, with the cost of materials and labor included. The plumber should also be upfront about cost overruns and how he will bill for extra time or materials.

Professional plumbers answer your questions

Whether you are hiring a plumber for a full kitchen remodel or a small leak, you will probably have several questions during the project. A professional plumber can provide answers to your questions and communicate them in a way that you understand. Your plumber should be able to explain why he chooses a particular method for repair and should be open to discussing other options.

Plumbers should show a willingness to correct problems

Even some of the best plumbers make a mistake from time to time. A professional plumber should not have a problem with correcting their work if needed. If you notice an issue with the plumber’s work, he should be able to explain the error and fix it without hesitation. A true professional will be polite, even if you are the one making a mistake. If the supposed error turns out to be part of the plan, the plumber should kindly explain the issue to you in detail.

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