6 Things To Look For When Hiring A Commercial Plumber

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

If you own or manage any kind of commercial property, you know that plumbing problems can occur at any time, day or night. The wear and tear on commercial property plumbing happens much faster than with the plumbing in typical residential properties. A smart property owner or manager will have a quality commercial plumber on call for any emergency that might occur. What should you look for when hiring a commercial plumber?

Commercial experience

The plumbing equipment and configurations within a commercial property are larger and more complex than in residential properties. The plumbing company you hire needs to have the experience and expertise to deal with the complexity of commercial properties.

A plumbing contractor that handles both repairs and installation

A simple repair call may turn into a major system replacement. You don’t want to have to call in a second plumber to handle the replacement because the first does not have the licensing or expertise to handle installations. Your commercial plumbers should be able to handle just about anything your property can throw at them.

24 hour emergency service

Many commercial properties are active 24/7, which means that plumbing can break at any time. Your plumbing service should have more than one plumber available during the night and on weekends, since some jobs need more than one pair of hands.

A plumbing service that is large enough to handle your needs

If you own or manage multiple properties, you want a company with enough employees, trucks and equipment to handle your needs. A plumbing company with a single truck and crew will not be big enough in most cases.

A plumbing company that can get to your property on a timely basis

Some commercial property owners or managers like to hire the company with the lowest rates, which is great for saving money. However, if that company cannot get to your property for hours or days, you are going to lose money and make your clients unhappy. This problem can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

A plumbing company that is insured, licensed, and bonded

You have an obligation to protect your property and your tenants from the actions of a plumbing company. The contractor should have insurance to cover any accidents or incidents the company or its employees cause on the property. The commercial plumber should hold a valid plumbing license that shows he or she is doing business by code and above board. The contractor should also have a bond that will cover any claims the property owner or manager makes against the company.

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