6 Safety Tips For Preventing Electrical Fires

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021
surge protector with orange light

Electrical systems can be dangerous, especially if they are old, faulty, or malfunctioning. Electrocution is one of the most well-known safety hazards, but electrical fires can be just as dangerous. A report from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) showed that between 2012-2016, electrical failures or malfunctions caused 13% of house fires. Here are some simple steps you and your family can take to help prevent electrical fires.

1. Don’t leave certain electrical devices unattended

When a device states not to leave it alone while plugged in, heed those instructions! Kitchen appliances like toasters and toaster ovens should only be used when you are in the kitchen and unplugged when done. Space heaters are also notorious for causing electrical fires and should never be left alone while in use.

2. Don’t leave flammable materials exposed

Items like curtains, rugs, and drapes should never be placed too close to outlets, cords, or heat sources. If any of these are damaged, they could catch the materials on fire. When using space heaters, be sure to follow all instructions listed.

3. Don’t overload your outlets

Electrical outlets and circuits are only meant to handle so much, especially if they are old. Instead of using too many items that require too much electricity, try installing more outlets. If you prefer, you can use safe surge protection devices as well. This ties into the above tip, too. If you know an outlet is dangerous, do not put anything flammable nearby and call an electrician to help.

4. Check your lighting

Although it may seem strange, you should be familiar with all of the lighting fixtures in your home. If the wattage of a bulb is too high for the fixture, it can cause a fire. This can be a big problem for older fixtures because stores no longer offer the proper bulbs for them.

5. Remove old or damaged components and appliances

In conjunction with tip four, be sure to remove any outdated or broken fixtures and appliances. This doesn’t seem ideal, because it can initially be costly, but it will be safer in the long run. You can even save money by reducing electricity costs. For those who enjoy vintage and antique appliances or lighting fixtures, be sure to work with an experienced electrical company to help you properly wire and install everything.

6. Get regular electrical inspections

By working with a professional electrician to inspect your home, you can be sure that your system is in good shape. They will check everything from fixtures to wires to circuit boxes and make recommendations to suit your needs. This includes repairs, upgrades, and replacements. Be sure to let them know ahead of time if you have experienced ANY issues with your electricity.

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